Protecting Your Customers from Online Fraud

SpyCloud transforms recaptured data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources to reveal insights about the identities of your customers – which are legitimate and which are potentially criminals using stolen data? This no longer has to be a guessing game.

Our insights let you take informed action to combat account takeover and online fraud, preserve profits, and protect your brand reputation. 

Reduce Fraud Losses


Fraud losses prevented 

Global Fintech Company

Protect Your Brand


Bad passwords reset 

– Global Job Hunting Company

Increase Your Impact


Performance increase 

– Fortune 100 Technology Company

Take Action, Before Criminals Do

When a data breach or malware infection exposes your customers’ credentials and personal information to criminals, your enterprise is a prime target for account takeover and online fraud.

SpyCloud helps you reduce fraud losses by identifying high-risk accounts before criminals have a chance to act. With advance notice that your customers’ accounts are vulnerable, you can prevent online fraud by resetting passwords or choosing an appropriate step-up authentication path to validate user identities.

SpyCloud Customer ATO Prevention Workflow

Secure your vulnerable customer accounts today.

Protect Your Business – and Your Bottom Line

Reduce Fraud Losses from ATO

Lock bad actors out of vulnerable accounts before they can exploit them for online fraud or identity theft. Protect users from both automated and targeted account takeover attacks by checking their logins against billions of credentials that have been exposed to criminals through data breaches or malware infections.

Prevent Synthetic Identity Fraud

Detect anomalies within a customer’s information during account creation or enrollment indicating that the identity is fake, stolen, or constructed using sensitive data available on the criminal underground.

Be a Brand Customers Can Trust

Protect your brand by securing vulnerable accounts proactively, before you end up in the news for the wrong reasons. Avoid data breach accusations, negative customer experiences, and unwanted media attention that can result from consumer account takeovers.

Reduce Operational Costs

Scale beyond the data collection an in-house team can deliver with the best dataset in the industry. Access high volumes of fresh, actionable breach data collected by SpyCloud researchers using human intelligence, delivered using performant APIs for easy integration into your existing applications, workflows, and predictive models.
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Implementation Options

Protect From Losses from ATO

Stop criminals from using your consumers’ stolen passwords to commit fraud by taking action early. Identify and protect high-risk consumers by checking their credentials against billions of recaptured underground assets in SpyCloud’s database using our high-volume, REST-based APIs.
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Make More Confident Fraud Decisions

Get actionable, predictive fraud risk assessments resulting from our analysis of breach and malware-stolen data recaptured from the criminal underground. Our innovative approach specializes in forms of fraud that are hardest to stop, predicting fraud tied to malware, anticipating account takeover, and detecting synthetic identities.
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Investigate and Attribute Fraud

Attribute fraud to specific actors, expose alternate criminal identities, and profile the individuals and groups targeting your organization for fraud. Use SpyCloud data in conjunction with tools like IBM i2 Analyst Notebook and Maltego to enrich your online investigations.
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Increase the Value of Your Anti-Fraud Offering

Create new revenue streams and improve customer retention by powering your product with actionable, timely data recovered from the criminal underground. SpyCloud data enhances anti-fraud platforms, identity theft protection apps, password managers, payments solutions, and more, so you can provide more value to your customers.
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Enhance Internal Risk Models

Bolster your risk models and fine-tune your fraud prevention program by integrating SpyCloud data into your existing Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) platform and other security solutions.
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Stop ATO & online fraud