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SpyCloud Integration
for Tines

Build no-code, automated workflows in Tines that combine SpyCloud’s recaptured darknet data with your other security tools.

Automate security response with pre-built and customizable Tines templates that use SpyCloud recaptured breach and malware records

Streamline your security operations by leveraging the power of SpyCloud’s recaptured darknet data in Tines pre-built Stories. Then combine Tines with other tools like ticketing systems, IAMs, TIPs, and EDRs to automate your security workflows and enhance your incident response process.

Streamlined Processes

Automate data breach and malware infection response by notifying users, generating cases in Tines, and remediating the exposure

Holistic Ecosystem

Create a more comprehensive security solution by combining your Tines instance with SpyCloud Cybercrime Analytics and other security tools, like SIEMs and ticketing systems

Enriched Records

Enter your API Key and start automating workflows using 18 SpyCloud templates that call detailed breach records or extended views into malware-compromised application credentials

The flexibility you need for your security response

Jump off existing Tines Stories and build additional steps to respond to employees or customer exposures for each new breach or malware record. Check out two pre-built Stories ready for you to make your own:

Process SpyCloud breach data and generate a case in Tines

Install the Tines Story to identify and gather any new breach data for your SpyCloud watchlist. The Story then consolidates alert sources, builds case records, and adds alerts to existing cases. It also detects a SpyCloud webhook alert to retrieve new and modified breaches for your watchlist. Finally, create a case in Tines and add the alert to the case as a record.

Alert users of potential breaches detected by SpyCloud

Automatically send a Slack message to a user notifying them when their email is detected in a new data breach published by SpyCloud. Trigger additional custom notifications that safeguard company data if SpyCloud’s publishes malware records from corporate devices and applications.

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