Protect Your Customers and Your Bottom Line From Account Takeover and Online Fraud

Customers rely on you to keep their account safe. Meanwhile, they’re practicing poor password hygiene, using the same passwords across online accounts, and clicking on malicious links that lead to info-stealer malware infections. These habits put their identities at risk and force you to wonder: which consumers interacting with your site are legitimate and which are potentially criminals using stolen data? This no longer has to be a guessing game.

You can’t control what they do but you can get insights from the criminal underground to take informed action that protects them – and your organization.

Combat Poor Consumer Password Practices

By checking your consumers’ credentials against billions of recaptured underground assets in our database, SpyCloud helps combat consumer ATO fraud that can lead to revenue loss and brand damage. Get advance notice that your customers’ accounts are vulnerable so you can prevent online fraud by resetting passwords or choosing an appropriate step-up authentication path to validate user identities.

Make Informed Fraud Decisions at Scale

SpyCloud is the only provider using Recaptured Data for fraud prevention, delivering actionable, predictive fraud risk assessments that enable more accurate fraud decisions. With SpyCloud, businesses lower their fraud losses, manual reviews, and risk from synthetic identities.

Prevent Fraud Caused by Session Hijacking

When consumers or employees use malware-infected devices, cybercriminals can access everything they need to be virtually indistinguishable from their victims, making it difficult to detect account takeover and online fraud before it’s too late. Now you can identify vulnerable users early with visibility of their malware-stolen session and device cookies.

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Protect your customers and your bottom line
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Your Consumers Are Secure With SpyCloud

With solutions backed by more than 200B assets recaptured from tens of thousands of breaches, millions of malware-infected devices, and other covert sources, you can reduce fraud losses for your business and protect your customers from account takeover so they keep coming back again and again.

Prevent Consumer Account Takeover

Stop criminals from using your consumers’ stolen passwords to commit fraud by taking action early.

Make More Confident Fraud Decisions

Get actionable, predictive fraud risk scores based on data recaptured from the criminal underground.

Stop Fraud from Session Hijacking

Get early warning when your consumers’ session and device cookies have been stolen by malware.

Investigate Online Fraud

Attribute fraud to specific actors and profile the individuals and groups targeting your organization for fraud.

Prevent Fraud Tied to Malware

Identify consumers whose credentials and cookies have been harvested by malware.

Integrate with Workflows & Platforms

Feed recaptured data into your existing SOAR, fraud platform, or other security solution.

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