Take Action Before the Criminals Do

SpyCloud is on a mission to disrupt the cybercriminal economy by preventing account takeover and reducing online fraud.

Account Takeover (ATO) attacks have become an extremely lucrative business for cybercriminals, and the use of weak or stolen credentials remains the #1 hacking technique.

Criminals steal credentials in third-party breaches, and then reuse them to gain easy access into corporate systems to steal IP, perpetrate business email compromise, and commit other types of cyber fraud. Consumer accounts are targeted for the cash, loyalty points and sensitive PII contained within.

With over 100 billion recovered breach assets and growing, SpyCloud maintains the world’s largest repository of recovered stolen credentials and PII, collected using human intelligence. Through our products, we operationalize that data and enable organizations to protect themselves from criminal activity, disrupting criminals’ ability to profit from stolen data.

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SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian interface

Consumer Account Takeover Prevention

Reduce Online Fraud and Protect Your Brand

When consumers use weak or compromised passwords, criminals jump at the chance to take over their accounts and steal funds, drain loyalty accounts, and make fraudulent purchases that can damage your brand and your bottom line.

With Consumer Account Takeover Prevention, you can match your consumer logins against SpyCloud’s robust database of stolen credentials and reset passwords before criminals can profit from your consumers’ accounts. 

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“We have found and force reset about 20 million user accounts whose email/password were found to exist in the SpyCloud database. We’re big fans of SpyCloud!”

– Global Job Hunting Website

Employee Account Takeover Prevention

Protect Your Employees, Protect Your Enterprise

With access to your employee accounts, criminals can easily steal corporate secrets, sensitive client data, financial information, and intellectual property. SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover Prevention helps reduce your risk of a data breach by alerting you when your employees’ credentials appear on the criminal underground, enabling you to reset compromised passwords before criminals can use them.

For additional automation, you can use Active Directory Guardian to protect your Active Directory users with automated password filtering, scheduled scans, and password resets. You can also extend your ATO prevention program to include the personal accounts of executives with sensitive access using VIP Guardian

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“SpyCloud has saved us more than 1,000 man hours. It gives us peace of mind — a level of comfort that we can not only detect account compromises, but also remediate them.” – Al Dixon, Principal IT Security Architect, EBSCO

Third Party Insight

Monitor Your Supply Chain for Account Takeover Exposures

When you partner with third parties, your human attack surface expands. Third party account takeover can put your organization at risk of a data breach and endanger your enterprise.

SpyCloud Third Party Insight gives you visibility of your third parties’ breach exposures so you can prioritize partner onboarding, assess M&A prospects, and be alerted to ongoing changes. When third-party employee credentials appear in a data breach, you’ll see a change in the organization’s risk profile.

More importantly, SpyCloud enables you to drive remediation by providing full access to affected third parties so they have all the information they need to take action.

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Transform Your Online Fraud Investigations

Just like the rest of us, criminals’ online accounts are subject to frequent data breaches. SpyCloud Investigations enables investigators to use this data against them to unmask criminals engaging in fraudulent activities.

With access to over 100 billion breach assets and 50+ Maltego transforms, SpyCloud makes it possible for investigators to string together criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to profile criminals and identify alternate personas.

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“Great data is wonderful, but the way SpyCloud operationalizes it for us has been invaluable in our efforts to justify our investment in this security technology.”

– Global Networking Company

SpyCloud API

Put SpyCloud Data to Work for You

The SpyCloud API provides fast, easy access to the SpyCloud dataset, including developer-friendly documentation that makes it simple for your team to put our data to use.

You can use the SpyCloud API to incorporate customer or employee data into existing workflows, leverage SpyCloud data to create a new security product for your consumer base, or feed into your SIEM or other internal security tools.

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“Having the API documentation clearly defined, allows our team and students who have limited security experience to build effective automations. We can’t get that with other platforms out there.”

– Oklahoma University

See How Other Enterprises Are Benefitting from SpyCloud Products

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

“SpyCloud is a crucial piece of a multi-pronged approach for businesses in the financial services sector, not just from my organization’s perspective.”

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Global Fintech Company

“With SpyCloud’s botnet data, we’ve protected thousands of accounts representing tens of millions of dollars of funds.”

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“Now that we have SpyCloud, we can protect hundreds of millions of people and prevent them from choosing passwords that have already been exposed.”

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Top 10 Travel Booking Site

“Using the SpyCloud data, we discover anywhere from 3,000 to 11,000 direct matches per hour. Every one of those exposed accounts could have led to account takeover.”

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Alvarez & Marsal

“What SpyCloud’s Active Directory Guardian does for us is invaluable. To be able to search through billions of data points – it’s impossible for us to do. But Active Directory Guardian picks out issues instantly.”

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Oklahoma University

“In a matter of hours, 1,000 accounts were secured. Using SpyCloud and the ingenuity of our student employees, we are legitimately preventing bad guys from compromising accounts.”

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“The SpyCloud data is more specific and actionable than any other solution we’ve found, giving us employee, account-level and source detail we need to mitigate the threat and take immediate action.”

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Global Managed Services Provider

“SpyCloud gave us an easy and quick way to offer credential monitoring to clients that subscribe to our service.”

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