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2022 Annual Identity Exposure Report

2022 SpyCloud Identity Exposure Report

Last year, SpyCloud recaptured more than 15 billion credentials and PII assets from the criminal underground. That’s a 200% increase in assets recaptured compared to the prior year – ample data that fraudsters are exploiting for identity fraud, which impacts businesses and consumers alike.

Our annual report analyzes this data and sheds light on the trends we observed throughout the year, explaining how enterprises can use this information to protect themselves from account takeover, malware, and ransomware, and protect their consumers from online fraud.

Download the report to see:

  • The trends our researchers observed within cybercriminal communities over the last year
  • Why the rate of password reuse continues to rise
  • Popular passwords influenced by entertainment, politics, and sports (Marvel characters make frequent appearances!)
  • How this stolen data is used to perpetrate ransomware and other targeted attacks
  • The urgency of the malware problem, including a spotlight on RedLine Stealer, and why we’ve put even more focus on collecting bot logs from malware-infected devices
  • The top 12 notable breaches of 2021
Download the PDF version of the report to print or share with others.


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