Underground Data: The Missing Component of Your Fraud Prevention Framework

Stop Hard-to-Detect Fraud with Actionable Analytics

Predict Fraud Tied to Malware

Identify consumers whose data has been harvested by malware, including browser fingerprints that enable criminals to impersonate them.

Detect Synthetic Identities

Detect anomalies within a customer’s information indicating that the identity is
fake, stolen, or constructed using sensitive data available on the criminal underground.

Anticipate Account Takeover

Determine which customers are at the highest risk of account takeover due to exposed credentials, bad password hygiene, and other key risk indicators.

Fraud is an arms race, and criminals have an advantage.​

SpyCloud turns recaptured data into your greatest defense.

Identity Risk Engine enhances the power of existing fraud prevention solutions by drawing on the world’s largest database of recaptured data from the criminal underground to illuminate which customers are at highest risk of account takeover, new account fraud, and synthetic identity fraud.

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Risk Signals Based on Data No Other Provider Has

SpyCloud is the only provider using recaptured data for fraud prevention, delivering actionable analytics that can be used to drive faster, more accurate fraud decisions. SpyCloud constantly recaptures and analyzes new data from the criminal underground, including credentials and personal information exposed by third-party data breaches, combolists, and malware-infected devices.

Created to Solve Your Specific Challenges


Enroll New Clients, Not Criminals

  • Defend Against Application and Account Opening Fraud: Reveal indicators of stolen or synthetic identities
  • Forecast Targeted Attacks: Identify newly-exposed credentials that are high value to criminals
  • Prevent Fraud Tied to Malware: Identify customers whose data has been siphoned by malware, putting them at high risk of identity theft and ATO
Protect Profits & Reduce Friction
  • Improve Accuracy: Make confident fraud decisions using historical data not available elsewhere
  • Reduce Chargebacks: Flag high-risk customers that are vulnerable to ATO and could lead to fraud losses
  • Decrease Manual Reviews: Reduce the burden on your team and allow low-risk users to transact friction-free

Drive Fraud Decisions at Scale with Curated Risk Assessments

Position Identity Risk Engine at your most vulnerable points of fraud (account opening, login, modifications, transactions). When you query our API with as little as an email address or phone number, SpyCloud correlates billions of recaptured data points and returns an underground risk assessment along with key risk indicators and reason codes that can drive more accurate fraud decisions at scale.

SIDRE: How It Works

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Stop fraud that stems from malware infections, breach data, and bad actors logging in with real customers’ browser fingerprints.