Transform Your Online Fraud Investigations

Just like the rest of us, criminals rely on online accounts that are subject to data breaches. SpyCloud accelerates online fraud investigations by making data recovered from those breaches actionable for investigators.

Drawing on billions of records recovered from third-party breaches, SpyCloud enables investigators to piece together decades-worth of criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to unmask the identities of specific adversaries engaging in fraud, terrorism, and other illegal activities. 

SpyCloud’s dataset gives enterprise security teams and law enforcement agencies the detailed evidence they need to solve online fraud cases and bring criminals to justice. 

For close to three years, an executive at a nationally-recognized technology solutions firm had been the victim of highly targeted attacks at the hands of an unidentified criminal, including identity theft and extensive financial fraud.

Starting with a single clue, investigators at SpyCloud were asked to look into the suspected attacker’s digital footprint. Using SpyCloud data, they were able to create a profile, discover numerous identities the suspect was using to perform illegal activities, identify the suspect’s address, and ultimately facilitate an arrest. Today, that attacker is facing multiple felony charges—and the technology executive can finally relax.


Learn How SpyCloud Investigations Helped Bring a Tenacious Attacker to Justice

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Take Down Criminals Harming Your Business

Investigators all over the world use SpyCloud’s repository of nearly 100 billion recovered breach assets and 50+ Maltego transforms to assist in their online fraud investigations.

Used in conjunction with tools like IBM i2 Analyst Notebook and Maltego, SpyCloud Investigations stitches together evidence such as passwords, IP addresses, usernames, and phone numbers to expose alternate criminal identities, PII of the criminal, locations and other important data that can assist law enforcement with making an arrest.

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SpyCloud Breach Data at Your Fingertips

Use criminals’ data against them

Backed by the largest repository of breach assets in the world, SpyCloud Investigations enables investigators to pivot on known data points to unlock criminal identities using breach data tied to their various personas.

More data means more connections between threat actor personas, locations, and identities, making it easier for your investigators to bring criminals to justice.

Understand How You Can Accelerate Investigations with SpyCloud

SpyCloud investigations makes it faster and more efficient to take down malicious actors

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Draw on SpyCloud’s rich dataset and Maltego transforms to help your team:

  • Uncover the true identities of specific criminals and their personas
  • Profile criminal targets, identifying where they have had accounts and where they are operating
  • Determine the origin of data used in credential stuffing attacks and identify the exposure of public applications to botnet credential stealers
  • Research criminal campaigns and infrastructure, including the breadth and nature of malicious campaigns
  • Understand internal and external user risks, from reused credentials to malware infections

– Global Networking Company

Leverage SpyCloud’s Maltego Transforms

SpyCloud Investigations can be used with tools like IBM i2 Analyst Notebook and Maltego, an interactive data mining tool that renders directed graphs for link analysis. The tool is used in online fraud investigations to find relationships between pieces of information collected from various sources located on the internet.

SpyCloud’s Maltego transforms allow investigators to use our rich dataset to research incidents. Powered by our API, investigators can pivot on a username, password, IP address, or email address and find a wealth of data.

Skeptical? Of course you are. Most vendors overpromise and underdeliver. Let us demonstrate the full power of SpyCloud to transform your online fraud investigations.