A New & Better Way to Protect Your Enterprise

SpyCloud’s enterprise account takeover solutions are the missing piece in your security puzzle – the only solutions that put Recaptured Data at the forefront. SpyCloud enables enterprises to quickly identify legitimate users vs. potential criminals using stolen information in order to prevent account takeover that leads to ransomware.

What Makes SpyCloud Different?

Threat actors don’t break in. They simply log in using data from the criminal underground.

We stop them.

SpyCloud dashboard

Only SpyCloud gives you access to…

The Largest Collection of Recaptured Data

More than 200B assets recaptured from tens of thousands of breaches, millions of malware-infected devices, and other covert sources. This data powers our Account Takeover Prevention solutions that protect hundreds of global enterprises, including half of the Fortune 10.

Insights from Botnet Logs

Identify employees whose corporate or personal devices are infected with malware, meaning their credentials and potentially sensitive company information is exposed to criminals. These high-severity exposures are flagged by SpyCloud for immediate remediation.

Employee ATO Prevention

Protect your organization from breaches and BEC due to password reuse.

VIP Guardian
VIP Guardian

Empower your highest-risk employees to secure their online identities.

Active Directory Guardian

Automatically detect and reset exposed Windows accounts.

Get Rich Insights From Recaptured Data

Underground data exists for everyone (employees, VIPs, and vendors). Now you can access Recaptured Data – compromised credentials and PII exposed in the criminal underground – that’s relevant to your enterprise without any effort on your part to find it, curate it, and make it actionable.

Empower your security team with the insights they need to take swift action to lock down vulnerable accounts protect your enterprise from cyberattacks that leverage stolen data.

“The SpyCloud data is more specific and actionable than any other solution we’ve found, giving us employee, account-level and source detail we need to mitigate the threat and take immediate action.”

– Director of Global IT Infrastructure, Chemical Company

Automatically Overcome Password Reuse

Your workforce will continually find ways to break the rules and reuse passwords across multiple online accounts outside your corporate control.

SpyCloud fixes the security challenges posed by password reuse by screening accounts for passwords that have ever appeared in our database of billions of exposed passwords so you can automatically block or reset those compromised passwords.

“We have seen people cycle through passwords that have normally been quite good, run out of ideas, and then go back to an old LinkedIn password. Active Directory Guardian needs to be run regularly because we have a lot of people looking for possible routes in.”

– Alvarez & Marsal Global Senior Director of IT Operations, Dan Holland

Your Enterprise is Secure with SpyCloud

Automatically detect, reset, and prevent compromised passwords and align with NIST

Protect executives’ personal accounts from targeted attacks without invading their privacy

At-a-glance visibility of suppliers’ account takeover risks & the ability to share exposure data with them

Check and reset employee credentials automatically with fresh, actionable recaptured data

Address ATO that leads to ransomware and remediate its root cause: compromised credentials

Feed Recaptured Data into existing workflows and applications, including common SIEMs & SOARs

Wondering if your enterprise is at risk?

Check your exposure against our Recaptured Data.