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Offering product teams fast, easy access to the most comprehensive breach intelligence available.

Looking to build or enhance your solutions with breach intelligence? SpyCloud is your ideal partner. We specialize in the earliest possible recovery of data exposed in third-party breaches, and offer product teams access to the most comprehensive and actionable repository of compromised credentials and PII. 

Our data enhances a range of products and solutions, including:

  • Dark Web Monitoring Solutions
  • Identity Theft Protection Apps
  • Payments Solutions
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Threat Intelligence Platforms

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Integrate with the Most Comprehensive Dark Web-Exposed Credential Collection in the Industry

SpyCloud isn’t just a cyber security company; we are a big data company with the most comprehensive and accurate dark web monitoring solution and dataset available.

SpyCloud is the industry leader at discovering exposed credentials in the underground. That’s why organizations from around the world turn to us when they want to build or enhance their solution offering with the most extensive collection of exposed data being traded on the dark web.

Cyber security is all about getting actionable protection to your customers in a timely manner. If your offering isn’t powered by the most current data in a format your product can quickly consume, you’re at a clear competitive disadvantage in the market.

How We Do It

SpyCloud utilizes human intelligence (HUMINT) and automated scanning to gain access to the same data the fraudsters use.

Through our proprietary technology and tradecraft, we can share exposed data with our partners before it is used to cause harm, typically weeks or even months before it becomes available to “dark web scanners.”

The earlier third party breaches are discovered, the faster you can mitigate the risk and prevent collateral damage – but it all depends on the quality and quantity of data you have at your fingertips.

Bring Better Products to Market Faster with SpyCloud

The SpyCloud API was designed for product teams who want fast access to our data. We provide everything a developer needs to deliver the most secure products to the market rapidly.

SpyCloud workflow

SpyCloud API Documentation

Good API documentation is your product team’s best friend. Our documentation enables developers to bring products to market faster, with no extra coding or steps to slow them down. Our API documentation is remarkably easy to use and test, and is secure and stable. With our meticulous instructions and feature explanations, developers can begin using our API in minutes.

SpyCloud API and S3 Bucket

SpyCloud starts with millions of raw breached assets recovered daily, then distills and transforms them into high-quality, well-formatted and deduplicated data that is ingested into our database. Using the SpyCloud API or S3 bucket, developers have immediate access to our easy-to-read, historical, and real-time dataset to quickly develop products that consume our data. Your database is updated within 24 hours so it is always current, always reliable.

SpyCloud is a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity Access Management and Fraud Detection

The SpyCloud Difference

Human Intelligence and Rock-Solid Data

SpyCloud offers the most comprehensive, cleansed data available to make your product effective at mitigating the harm that can be caused by exposed credentials and empowering your customer to take immediate action if a breach is discovered. We get access to the most sources and to data people don’t know exists. Many other companies use only automated means of obtaining breach data from public forums and fail to cleanse it so that it is actually usable.

Access to Plaintext Passwords

SpyCloud manages the most expansive database of cracked plaintext passwords in the industry. Once a new breach is recovered from the dark web, we use specialized hardware and software to crack as many of the encrypted password hashes as possible. Of the more than 23 billion passwords recovered to date, more than 90% of them are in plaintext format, giving developers the ability to prove user exposures and automate password exposure checks across internal systems.

Dark Web Database

Largest Database, Most Matches, and Most Industry-Leading Partners

Because of our proprietary use of both HUMINT and automation tools, SpyCloud boasts the largest database and the highest match rate of accounts being sold on underground markets. No wonder we were named Best in Show at the Digital Banking Conference, the NATO Defense Innovation Challenge, and Finovate. It’s also one of the reasons leading companies such as Cisco, Avast and AlienVault use SpyCloud to protect their users’ accounts.

With monthly ingests of ~1B breach assets, SpyCloud is continually adding valuable data that is immediately available to you. We are the only ones who crack passwords and update our data sets with real-time data straight from the dark web.

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