A New Way to Protect Your Customers – and Your Bottom Line

SpyCloud transforms Recaptured Data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources to reveal insights about the identities of your customers – which are legitimate and which are potentially criminals using stolen data? This no longer has to be a guessing game.

Our insights let you take informed action to combat account takeover and online fraud, identify malware-infected consumers, preserve profits, and protect your brand reputation.

What Makes SpyCloud Different?

With Recaptured Data you can reduce fraud losses for your business and protect your customers from account takeover so they keep coming back again and again.

Consumer ATO Prevention

Protect your users from account takeover fraud and unauthorized purchases.

Identity Risk Engine

Stop criminals from using stolen data to create false identities and commit fraud.

Browser icon with a malware-infected fingerprint.
Session Identity Protection

Prevent criminals from using stolen cookies to bypass MFA and access consumer accounts.

Faster, More Accurate Fraud Decisions

SpyCloud delivers actionable analytics based on our massive collection of underground data.
This data powers our consumer protection solutions, preventing account takeover for 2B+ accounts worldwide.

Reduce Fraud Losses from ATO

Check consumers’ logins against billions of credentials that have been exposed to criminals through data breaches or malware infections. Easily lock bad actors out of vulnerable accounts before they can exploit them for online fraud or identity theft.

Insights from Botnet Logs

Identify consumers whose devices are infected with malware, meaning their credentials, device and web session cookies, and financial details are exposed to criminals. These high-severity exposures are flagged by SpyCloud so you can block transactions, invalidate sessions, and monitor these accounts.

Only SpyCloud gives you access to…

Overcome Poor Consumer Password Hygiene

Your customers will continually reuse passwords across multiple online accounts that are subjected to third-party breaches, putting them – and your business – at risk of losses from online fraud. Worse, consumer frustration can result in lasting damage to your reputation and brand.

SpyCloud heads off ATO fraud by checking your consumers’ credentials against billions of recaptured underground assets in our database. With advance notice that your customers’ accounts are vulnerable, you can prevent online fraud by resetting passwords or choosing an appropriate step-up authentication path to validate user identities.

“Now that we have SpyCloud, we can protect hundreds of millions of people and prevent them from choosing passwords that have already been exposed.”

– Automattic CTO, Barry Abrahamson

The Missing Piece of Your Fraud Prevention Framework

For years, criminals have stolen and exploited consumers’ personal data. It’s time we make that same data work for us in the fight to prevent fraud.

SpyCloud is the only provider using Recaptured Data for fraud prevention, delivering actionable analytics that can be used to drive faster, more accurate fraud decisions based on which customers are at the highest risk of account takeover, new account fraud, and synthetic identity.

“We could have avoided manual review for 76% of the orders we tested with Identity Risk Engine.”

– Large Retailer

Stop the Hardest-to-Detect Fraud

Malware-infected devices create an extreme risk for online fraud and identity theft. Malware provides the proverbial keys to the kingdom; beyond login credentials, criminals have access to device and session cookies that allow them to bypass MFA and impersonate your consumers.

SpyClouds identifies consumers whose cookies have been siphoned by malware, enabling enterprises to invalidate their active sessions so criminals can’t use them to take over their accounts.

“We were able to respond quickly, invalidate cookies, and protect millions of customer dollars.”

– Financial Services Company

Your Consumers Are Secure With SpyCloud

Stop criminals from using your consumers’ stolen passwords to commit fraud by taking action early

Get actionable, predictive fraud risk scores based on data recaptured from the criminal underground

Get early warning when your consumers’ session and device cookies have been stolen by malware

Attribute fraud to specific actors and profile the individuals and groups targeting your organization for fraud

Identify consumers whose credentials and cookies have been harvested by malware

Feed Recaptured Data into your existing SOAR platform and other security solutions

See why we’re trusted to protect 2B+ accounts worldwide

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