Ted Ross

Ted Ross

CEO and Co-Founder

Ted started his career in the U.S. Air Force. After the Air Force, he ran a small networking business in San Antonio which led to the Director of Network Engineering role at West Corp. He then worked at Walmart as a strategy architect where he was responsible for the design, security, performance and management of one of the largest networks in the world.

In 2000, Ted joined Extreme Networks where he focused on building metro Ethernet/MPLS technologies with service providers. In 2004, he transitioned his focus to security by joining TippingPoint, where he ran the global SE team and significantly influenced product direction. His work was key in positioning the company for acquisition by 3Com in 2005.

After HP acquired 3Com in 2010, Ted became the VP, Office of Advanced Technology in the security division. At HP, he justified the creation of a new research team which allowed him to build HP’s threat intelligence practice from the ground up as Director, Threat Intelligence, HP Security Research. In this role, he was the visionary behind HP’s threat analysis and collaboration platform which links context to threats. He led a highly efficient development team that launched the unique platform only five months after the formation of the team. The platform was adopted by key groups in the Intelligence Community soon after release.
Ted left HP to take the CEO role at Exodus Intelligence – a young company focused on finding zero-day vulnerabilities.

In August 2016, Ted co-founded and is the current CEO of SpyCloud.