Damon Fleury

Chief Product Officer

Damon Fleury has held product and technology leadership positions for a variety of companies in the networking and security sectors over the last 25+ years. His specialty has been joining companies early in their development to help build and release initial products and then optimizing strategies to enable their success in the marketplace.

Damon has led teams at TippingPoint (Trend Micro), Mirage Networks (Trustwave), Exodus Intelligence, NSS Labs, and CacheIQ (NetApp), and held leadership positions in Engineering, Product Management, and Market Strategy to develop and launch innovative and disruptive products.

Prior to joining SpyCloud as the VP of Strategy in early 2022, Damon served as the Chief Technical Officer and VP of Cybersecurity Services at Texas-based MSSP CyberDefenses. In this role, Damon supported the growth of the commercial and SLED services business, including the creation of and go-to-market efforts for SOC, Security Engineering, Cyber Intelligence, CISO Advisory, and Incident Response services.

As Chief Product Officer of SpyCloud, Damon is responsible for the product roadmap and strategic innovation initiatives that have driven SpyCloud to become the leader in Cybercrime Analytics – helping enterprises combat cyber threats including ATO, ransomware, and online fraud.

Damon Fleury

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