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GDPR & ATO Prevention Solutions

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About GDPR in (Relatively) Plain English

With information for companies evaluating SpyCloud

In 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect with the goal to ensure the protection of data for all EU citizens. The law pertains to businesses throughout the world that process data belonging to EU citizens.

We worked with our legal team to develop this whitepaper, which breaks down the GDPR into plain English, and provides insights on what it means for you — in particular as you evaluate account takeover prevention solutions that rely on personal data.

Download this whitepaper for:

  • A brief history of EU data protection law
  • A summary of the major changes introduced by the GDPR
  • What the changes mean for your company if you process EU citizens’ data
  • How you can use SpyCloud and stay within the law
Download the PDF version of the whitepaper to print or share with others.


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