COVID-19 Themed Domain Dataset

Graph of new domains related to COVID-19 registered from December 1, 2019 through March 27, 2020

To assist the information security community, SpyCloud researchers have compiled, enriched, and analyzed a list of over 136,000 hostnames and fully qualified domain names with COVID-19 or coronavirus themes from a variety of open-source feeds.

We have made the dataset available to demonstrate how to complete a low-cost analysis using open-source threat intelligence data.

Disclaimer: This data is provided as-is, with no guarantees that the data will be accurate or maintained in any way. For more information about the sources, please refer to the original open-source feeds.

Certificate Transparency logsOpen dataset for exploring SSL Certificates to identify potential abusive hostnames.
Risk IQ’s COVID-19 feedPublic feed of COVID-19 themed domains sponsored by Risk IQ.
Domain Tools’ COVID-19 threat listPublic feed of COVID-19 themed domains sponsored by DomainTools.
Rapid7 Project SonarOpen data of internet-wide surveys conducted by Rapid7 Labs.


Please note that we only used the hostnames from these sources; additional metadata was collected by SpyCloud researchers.

Download the Dataset

Domains with COVID-19 and Coronavirus Themes

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