Prevent Fraud & ATO Caused by Session Hijacking

Detect when users’ cookies have been stolen by malware and intervene to protect their accounts.

Protect Vulnerable Accounts from ATO and Fraud

Reduce Fraud Losses

Reduce losses from hard-to-detect fraud involving malware-stolen data.

Prevent ATO

Prevent criminals from exploiting your users’ stolen browser sessions for account takeover.

Stop Targeted Attacks

Stop bad actors from using compromised sessions to impersonate trusted devices to bypass MFA.

Consumer or Criminal?

Using malware, criminals can steal all the digital clues enterprises use to identify users.

Malware can siphon all the same data authentication and anti-fraud solutions use to validate users’ digital identities, making it easy for a criminal to take over an infected user’s accounts – and nearly impossible for enterprises to detect.

SpyCloud uses recaptured malware data to level the playing field, alerting enterprises when consumers’ web sessions have been compromised so they can invalidate active sessions and lock out bad actors.

Laptop with a user logging in, combined with magnifying glass implying the device is infected with malware

Secure Third-Party Workforce Services

When an employee logs into your corporate SSO provider from an infected personal device, criminals can access their session.

A stolen browser session from your enterprise’s single sign-on provider or developer tool can allow bad actors to bypass MFA, access corporate resources, or even just identify an infected device’s owner as a potential entry point to your organization.

With Session Identity Protection, enterprises can take swift action to prevent unauthorized access when cookies from critical workforce services – such as a corporate Okta instance – are stolen from employees’ infected personal or corporate devices.

Stop Fraud & Account Takeover from Stolen Cookies

Malware-siphoned cookies allow bad actors to bypass MFA and hijack users’ accounts.

Many sites use cookies to remember “trusted devices” so that MFA and/or passwords aren’t required at a user’s next login. Criminals have been abusing this feature for account takeover and online fraud.

By giving enterprises access to stolen session data for their domain, SpyCloud enables enterprises to address this type of fraud proactively. Enterprises can protect high-value accounts from targeted attacks by cutting off the ability for bad actors to bypass MFA, as well as flag users with known compromised devices for future logins or transactions, even if the session has already expired.

How to Prevent Account Takeover

Stop More ATO Using Data No Other Provider Has

No other provider leverages recaptured malware data for fraud and account takeover prevention, let alone at the speed and scale SpyCloud can deliver.

Using recaptured data from SpyCloud, enterprises can:

  • Protect high-value accounts from bad actors using stolen cookies to mimic trusted devices and sidestep MFA
  • Invalidate active sessions identified by a compromised cookie
  • Proactively reach out to high-value consumers and build trust
  • Flag vulnerable accounts with known compromised devices for increased scrutiny of future logins/transactions (regardless of cookie expiration time)
Cookie data in a browser

Detect Compromised Cookies That Put Your Users at Risk

When you query the Session Identity Protection API, SpyCloud returns compromised cookie data associated with your domains that puts your users at risk, including the information you need to identify which accounts are vulnerable and determine how to intervene.

Session Identity Protection - how it works graphic, showing a domain being queried, cookie data being returned, and the enterprise having the option to flag the infected user or invalidate the compromised web session

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Stop bad actors from using your users’ stolen browser sessions for account takeover and online fraud.