Active Directory Protection

Reduce Your Risk of a Data Breach with SpyCloud Third Party Insight

Breaches most commonly occur through weak, stolen, or reused passwords. If a third party with privileged access to your network has their login credentials stolen in a breach, criminals have an easy path to your data and IP. SpyCloud Third Party Insight draws on the largest repository of breach records in the world to give you visibility of your third-party exposures and take action to remediate.



Identify Third-Party Exposures Before Criminals Exploit Them

After a breach occurs, criminals work with a tight group of associates to crack passwords and extract value from the stolen data, often launching sophisticated, targeted attacks that put enterprises and their partners at high risk. After monetizing the data over about 18-24 months, the criminals eventually allow the data to leak to the deep and dark web, where it becomes a commodity that any unsophisticated criminal or scraping tool can access. By then, it’s often too late.

With SpyCloud Third Party Insight, you can identify third-party exposures before criminals can exploit them. SpyCloud researchers use human intelligence to gain access to breach data early in the timeline, enabling you and your partners, vendors and suppliers to take action quickly and head off targeted attacks.

Share Detailed Findings with Critical Third Parties for Validation and Remediation

When you identify exposures that contribute to vendor risk, SpyCloud Third Party Insight enables you to share full details with affected third parties so they can remediate.

Within the SpyCloud portal, third parties can see the exact employee credentials that have been exposed in data breaches, including plaintext passwords, making it easy for them to reset passwords for affected users and resolve their exposures.

Monitor Your Third Parties’ Remediation Actions

When you share SpyCloud data with your third parties, they have two remediation options: using SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian to detect and reset exposed passwords automatically, or downloading a CSV file to remediate manually.

Once the third party attests that they have resolved their exposed credentials, their vendor risk scores will decrease within the SpyCloud portal. Because SpyCloud Third Party Insight reports on vendor risk level changes, you can easily identify third parties who have recently taken a remediation action.

Know Which Vendors Are Most Susceptible to BEC Fraud

According to the US Treasury Department, business email compromise (BEC) scams cost organizations in the US about $300 million per month. While training your employees to spot signs of fraud can help, vendor email compromise introduces additional challenges.

Your company places trust in your third-party relationships—and so do your employees. If a criminal gains access to a legitimate email address from one of your partners, they can easily convince your employees to take risky actions with high credibility by mimicking existing communication patterns and choosing plausible calls to action.

SpyCloud Third Party Insight helps you and your third parties combat BEC fraud by detecting exposed third-party credentials before criminals have a chance to use them for malicious purposes, reducing your overall vendor risk.

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