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SpyCloud Partners with DotForce to Battle Account Takeovers in Southern Europe


SpyCloud, the leader in account takeover prevention, today announced a new partnership with DotForce, Southern Europe’s preferred value-added distributor (VAD) of information security solutions and services, to prevent and fight account takeover (ATO) attacks against businesses and government agencies in the region.

Through the partnership with SpyCloud, DotForce aims to recruit and train channel partners and managed security service providers (MSSP) to provide SpyCloud solutions to their customers. SpyCloud’s ATO prevention solutions are more robust than typical dark web monitoring offerings that rely on web scanners and scrapers to collect breach data. Its human intelligence capabilities give companies access to stolen data early in the breach lifecycle, helping enterprises take immediate action to re-secure compromised accounts and negate criminals’ ability to perpetrate fraud, business email compromise, and the subsequent takeover of accounts that re-use the same credentials.

“SpyCloud has the most complete set of breach data assets in the world, making them the best partner to join our fight against account takeovers,” said Zane Ryan, DotForce’s CEO. “These attacks can hit any organization at any time, and they are extremely expensive and time-consuming to resolve. With SpyCloud as our partner, we will be able to help organizations minimize the damage caused by ATO.”

Currently, SpyCloud and DotForce are offering organizations a free limited consultative investigation and report on the risks of ATO, including risks to high-ranking executives.

Criminals routinely use account credentials exposed in third-party security breaches to take over accounts to perpetrate fraud, steal intellectual property, and damage reputations. These threat actors take advantage of the human tendency to use weak passwords and reuse them across multiple sites, so when they acquire credentials from a breach, they use them to break into more valuable financial and email accounts. They often seek out executives and other high-profile or wealthy individuals and attempt to bypass multi-factor authentication through phishing, social engineering and SIM-swapping attacks. Other accounts will be used for large-scale credential-stuffing attacks that test username and password combinations across thousands of websites using widely available automated tools and techniques.

Attacks can go on for years and cost businesses more than $17.2 billion per year, not to mention consumers’ own costs in recovering money stolen from bank accounts or dealing with credit card fraud.

“Account takeovers happen everywhere – criminals go where the money and data are, regardless of country,” said Neill Cooper, Director of Sales, EMEA at SpyCloud. “We’re honored to partner with DotForce to help businesses in Southern Europe get proactive about protecting themselves.”

About DotForce
DotForce distributes state-of-the-art and innovative technologies to defend businesses against cyberattacks, from within or outside of the enterprise environments. DotForce provides proven, effective and award-winning solutions. DotForce was founded in 2006 as a Value-Added Distributor specializing in Cyber Security with activities in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The company promotes emerging brands of well-established companies that have taken an important technological leap, with their own patents and with clients from the public sector and multinational companies. Its range of products includes filtering, protection, encryption, management, cyber intelligence, forensics, discovery and analysis. For more information visit and


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