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SpyCloud Legal & Privacy Center

SpyCloud Values & Principles

SpyCloud is committed to providing powerful, easy-to-use solutions to prevent account takeover and thwart online fraud. We believe in building trust through transparency, and we built this SpyCloud Legal & Privacy Center to make it easy to find information about our product terms of service and our data privacy practices.

Here, you can find links to the legal documents that govern how you use our products, as well as our policies on how we collect and protect your data. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, email us at

The first step in protecting yourself is knowing your exposure. We encourage everyone to use our free Check Your Exposure tool to see if your account credentials, like passwords and emails, have been exposed on the Internet. We will never deny you or charge you, as an individual, for access to this information.  If your information has been exposed, check out our article about What to Do When Your Password is Exposed in a Data Breach.

Transforming recaptured data to protect your business.