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What We Learned at The 2018 RSA Conference

RSA Conference 2018

RSA Summary

The 2018 RSA Conference was last week in San Francisco and we were impressed with the entire event. More than 42,000 people attended over 550 sessions and visited with 600 exhibited companies. It was great meeting so many people in the security industry and learning more about their pain points, the newest technologies to solve some of our biggest security challenges, and where our industry is headed. AI, machine learning, and GDPR were just some of the hot topics of the event. If you didn’t get to make it this year, we’ll give you the lowdown on what we gleaned.

We knew attendees were mostly aware of the threat of Account Takeover (ATO) and what it could mean for their companies, but we were pleasantly overwhelmed at how many people were hungry for a preventative solution. Throughout the fog of buzzwords flashing in the RSA Exhibition halls, the SpyCloud solution stood out and piqued the interest of CISOs and product managers alike.


The SpyCloud Impact

We enjoyed seeing so many of our customers and meeting new security practitioners who were ready to take control of their account exposure once and for all. We were able to demonstrate our product at the booth in real time by plugging in a visitors’ company domain into our platform to illustrate how many high-level breach exposures and potentially malware-infected users they have. Even those with self-proclaimed “threat intel fatigue” were intrigued by their employee credential exposures demonstrated through our demos and immediately asked for a follow-up after the conference.

From the largest Fortune 100 organizations to startups, it seems a few common themes permeated the conference: everyone is mindful of ATO, data breaches, GDPR and the general need for protecting customer and employee data. Security leaders are feeling the pressure to do more to protect themselves and their customers.


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Beyond walking visitors through their exposure, we were able to show them how our API works and can help companies rapidly operationalize our data. We also met with many interested product managers who are interested in building new products from the ground up with our data set or adding capabilities to their existing security offerings.


ATO Isn’t Going Anywhere

Overall, it was clear that those in security roles understand the problem we are trying to solve. Weak or stolen credentials are a huge problem that isn’t going away. The criminals are stealing credentials as their day job, going after online accounts and reselling data or access to data at record speed. The RSA Conference confirmed that security professionals are tired of incomplete “solutions” that only chip at part of the problem. People don’t need a band-aid. They need a solution that works.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit us at the conference, we would love to show you a quick demo so you can check your exposure. Let us know if we can help you protect your employee and customer data before the criminals do any damage.

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