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Get Ready to Supercharge Your Cyber Investigations with SpyCloud Investigations Portal

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Cybercrime investigations and cyber threat analysis are hard – we get it, since many of us on our leadership and product teams are former analysts. For security teams today, it’s a challenge to not only get the right data about threat actors and their campaigns, but to be able to make sense of the data once you get it. Who hasn’t dealt with outdated information without supporting context or correlation?

But piecing together data – the digital exhaust that criminals leave behind – is exactly what’s required to better understand the entry point of cyberattacks affecting your business, to discover the TTPs of adversaries, and to deanonymize threat actors attempting to harm your organization and customers.

Good news: your cybercrime investigations are about to get an easy button. We’ve just launched the SaaS-based SpyCloud Investigations Portal – available today — to streamline and accelerate successful outcomes in your analysis and investigations.

With intuitive visualizations, powerful link analysis, and robust data metrics, SpyCloud’s portal amplifies your security teams’ victim research and threat actor attribution efforts – all powered by Cybercrime Analytics. Here’s what you can expect.

Meet the SpyCloud Investigations Portal: A powerful new way to visualize the links in underground data

The SpyCloud Investigations Portal is all about making cybercrime investigations and analysis faster, smarter, and more accessible for operators. In the past, using SpyCloud’s Investigations product required a relatively advanced skill set of analysis and coding. Not all of us have the time to write our own python scripts and visualization tools and have the bandwidth to actually perform analysis. The new Investigations user interface gives us all the power of SpyCloud Investigations without the complexity of only being available via API.

The new portal brings insights right into an easy-to-use interface, where users can filter and pivot directly on selectors of interest, including email, username, domain, phone number – up to 16 fields of your choice to unlock investigative insights.

The user-friendly data visualizations connect the dots for you – literally. In simple terms, it helps you get the job done better and faster, so you can conclude investigations and support analytic assessments with confidence.

But note: we aren’t taking the API away from those who prefer to use our Investigations data in a different link analysis tool, like Maltego or Jupyter Notebook. Customers can request API queries for testing and exploration with their portal seat, and can purchase additional queries to augment their license.

3 things you’ll see in the new Investigations Portal

Let’s break down why this is such a big deal for investigative efforts:
Streamlined Workflows: If you’re already part of the SpyCloud family, this portal makes your life a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to the complexities of data science tools (if you want!) and hello to a simpler interface and streamlined process, even for analysts who don’t have the bandwidth to write custom code.
Increased Access: We’re not leaving anyone behind. Even if you’re new to the world of cybersecurity investigations, you can jump right in. No need to worry about software restrictions or having a PhD in data analysis. We’re aiming to give all analysts the ability to have a massive impact for their mission, regardless of their years of experience.
No Limits: Forget counting queries; we’re all about delivering results. The Investigations Portal measures its worth by the value it brings to the table, not how often you use it. With no downloads or local installs, analysts can enjoy huge impacts on day one, without having to figure out how to get IT to approve another product for local installation.

What can you do with the SpyCloud Investigations Portal?

Investigations customers can tackle a range of cybercrime research within the portal, including:

The SpyCloud Investigations advantage

With SpyCloud Investigations, you can turn fresh, recaptured data from the darknet into actionable insights. It’s like being your very own digital detective, piecing together the puzzle of cybercriminals’ identities.

Leverage data that packs a punch

We’re talking about a rich dataset here – hundreds of billions of assets from thousands of breaches and millions of malware-infected devices across 240+ data types. We ingest and analyze 25+ billion assets monthly.

Dive deeper

Connect the dots between previously unknown information, selectors, and digital breadcrumbs to see the bigger picture.

Get results, fast

Unlimited queries deliver the full picture of adversaries, helping you assess risks – both inside and outside your organization – in no time.

Save time and effort

Shorten your investigation timelines with results based on a single selector. No need for complex third-party integrations, additional endpoints, or software installations.

We’re all about making your life easier and the internet safer. So stay tuned for updates and get ready to level-up your cybercrime-fighting game with SpyCloud Investigations Portal.

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