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Getting Started with SpyCloud

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We talk a lot about the evolving threat landscape and how SpyCloud fits into an organization’s proactive attack prevention strategy, but what’s it like to actually be SpyCloud customers? If you’re considering adding SpyCloud to your tool stack (as many of our existing customers would recommend you do!), here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from your onboarding experience.

First things first: A warm welcome!

As a SpyCloud customer, you’ll be welcomed by Trina Pirtle, SVP of Customer Success at SpyCloud. She’ll introduce you to your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), whose role it is to partner with your team around strategy and success with your chosen SpyCloud products and solutions.  

Onboarding with SpyCloud

Your CSM and supporting team members make onboarding simple by first scheduling a partnership kickoff meeting. On this initial call, we’ll make introductions with the members of Team SpyCloud who will guide you through your partnership and go through exactly what you can expect in the onboarding process. 

A few things to consider as you start your SpyCloud implementation

To put SpyCloud to best use for you and your organization, we make sure we understand your goals and how you prefer to measure them, so we can provide the quickest value and ROI. After onboarding hundreds of customers, we’ve nailed down a few questions that help with successful implementation as you begin your partnership with SpyCloud.

What am I trying to solve?

What initial security need, concern, or challenge brought you to consider a solution like SpyCloud? Is it as straightforward as proactively monitoring and remediating your employee or customer credentials for breach and malware exposures? Are you needing to cover gaps in your current threat intelligence? Or perhaps you want to automate some of your existing workflows and integrate with your directory service or SOAR to make account takeover prevention easier.

Whatever it may be, we find it helpful to define your primary use cases upfront so we can optimize your implementation accordingly and strategically support your end goals along the way.

How do I define value and success?

As we learn how you define success, we’ll create partnership goals and establish measurable benchmarks. Once we’ve collectively identified your use case(s), our team can perform custom training sessions and create project plans to support your outcome and timing objectives. Your CSM will provide you with regular analytics in a digestible format for you and your stakeholders.

How will I incorporate SpyCloud into my day-to-day workflows?

SpyCloud is intended to save you time and resources. If you’re unsure how to fit your SpyCloud products into your existing day-to-day workflows, we’ll re-scope or adjust with you to make sure everything works how you need it to, when you need it to. Upon successful launch, you’ll see actionable data and solve for critical issues that have a noticeable impact for your business.

Key milestones in your SpyCloud implementation journey

As you layer SpyCloud into your security program, there are some key milestones for you to check off along the way. All SpyCloud products and services follow the same four high-level implementation steps. And our Customer Services team is here to assist and guide you through the entire process.


We’ll start by provisioning and testing your services. Our Customer Services team will make sure you’re comfortable with the products and data that you will be working with, including providing access to all of your entitlements and API keys.


In this stage, we’ll determine relevant and required timelines for your implementation.  We’ll loop in key members of your team and cover each of your use cases to make sure we fully address your technical and integration needs.


Your Technical Account Manager will stay in close contact as our team integrates and builds out your workflows. We’ll schedule follow-up calls and training sessions as needed.


Success! Once your SpyCloud products are live, we move into ongoing strategy and care mode. In addition to your dedicated CSM, our standard Customer Support includes ticket or phone response from our first available Support Engineer to resolve issues quickly. Regular support hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm CST, and 24/7/365 for critical items.

We know you have many security solutions to choose from, which is why we give each customer who chooses SpyCloud the tools and customized experience to maximize their return on investment. We pride ourselves on not just being a Customer Success team, but a partner that makes your work life easier and your security outcomes stronger.

Blake is a Customer Success Director at SpyCloud and has been with the company since 2021. With over a decade of customer success experience in the cybersecurity space, he is passionate about keeping his customers secure and providing world-class support and thought leadership.

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