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Welcome, AIG Cyber Clients!

SpyCloud exists to help businesses like yours end the cycle of cybercrime. We focus on attacks that are fueled by the use of stolen data: account takeover, ransomware, and online fraud.  

We turn the tables on criminals who are using data obtained from breaches and malware campaigns against your business – helping you act on what they know and putting the power back in your hands.

See the data we have found on the darknet about your company, your customers, and even yourself by entering your email address.

Check Your Company’s Exposure

See breach and malware exposures that put your company at risk of cyberattacks

How It Works


Enter your email address in the box above and select the “See Your Report” button.


SpyCloud will reveal information about the darknet data we’ve recaptured for your domain that puts you at risk of cyberattacks.


You can then request a free, custom report with a deeper dive into your exposures.

Explore SpyCloud

AIG clients get a special rate from SpyCloud. Explore our automated solutions to prevent cyberattacks, safeguard employee and consumer identities, and investigate criminals attempting to harm your business.

Protect Your Enterprise from Cyberattacks

Act on exposed workforce authentication data before criminals can use it to perpetrate ATO and ransomware attacks

Streamline Consumer Account Security
Protect your bottom line by combatting account takeover and fraud tied to malware
Power Cybercrime
Draw on decades-worth of digital breadcrumbs to unmask criminals engaging in financial crimes and cyberattacks

Consumer Dark Web Monitoring

Consumers need help identifying when their passwords and PII have been exposed to cybercriminals, putting them at risk of identity theft and fraud. Many businesses charged with securely handling consumers’ funds and sensitive personal data have begun providing dark web monitoring as a value-added solution for their clients — and are increasingly turning to SpyCloud as their dark web data provider.

How It Works:
SpyCloud recaptures data from the dark web, to the tune of 25+ billion assets per month. This data can be integrated into your application or website, enabling you to alert consumers when their credentials and other data have been found on the dark web and guiding them to take action to protect themselves.
Investing in dark web monitoring can proactively protect your consumers’ funds, your bottom line, and the integrity of your brand.
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Trusted by market leaders

With 500+ customers around the world, including half of the Fortune 10, SpyCloud is the leader in operationalizing Cybercrime Analytics to protect businesses.

We’re on a mission to make the internet a safer place by disrupting the criminal underground. Together with our customers, we aim to stop criminals from profiting off stolen data.

US Banks
#1 Global
Online Retailer
5 of the
Fortune 10
2/3 Top Credit Card Companies
#1 Global Professional Network
#1 Global Cybersecurity Company

Act on what cybercriminals know about your business

Put an end to ATO, ransomware & online fraud with Cybercrime Analytics

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