What do cybercriminals know about your business?

Find Out Your Darknet Exposure

See breach and malware exposures you may not know about:

Ransomware is a malware problem. Are you prepared?

The biggest risks to your business are from threats that are the hardest to detect, like infostealer malware on unmanaged and undermanaged devices accessing your network and critical business applications. 

In a recent market survey conducted by SpyCloud, 98% of respondents agreed that better visibility into applications exposed by infostealer infections would significantly improve their security posture. We agree – it’s critical to know what criminals know about your business and then act quickly to shut down entry points for targeted attacks, including ransomware.

Our latest report covers new approaches for combating infostealer malware and insights into how your peers are filling gaps in post-infection remediation by resolving application exposures from SSO to code repositories that put their business in the crosshairs.

Report featured image 2023 PIR report

With SpyCloud...

Lock Criminals Out of Your Network

Stolen credentials and session cookies are a criminal’s all-access pass to your systems. With SpyCloud, you’re able to immediately and automatically respond to stolen employee authentication data, reducing entry points for criminals to deliver ransomware to your network.

Shorten Response Times with Automation

SpyCloud eliminates the time your team spends investigating and remediating potentially compromised accounts, so your workforce is protected while you free up resources.

Stop Threats from Credential Reuse

70% of users exposed in data breaches last year were reusing previously exposed passwords across work and personal accounts. SpyCloud can check your users’ passwords against our entire database and block previously compromised, weak and banned passwords.

“SpyCloud has saved us more than 1,000 hours. It has significantly lowered the amount of time multiple teams had to spend searching the dark web to confirm compromise — let alone remediate it.”
Al Dixon, Principal IT Security Architect of CorpIT at EBSCO Industries

Cybercrime Analytics Let You Outpace Threat Actors

SpyCloud tells you what cybercriminals know so you can take immediate action.

Darknet Data

We recapture data from the deepest layers of the darknet, where freshly-stolen, highly-valuable data is traded. With SpyCloud, you know immediately what criminals have obtained about your workforce.

Actually Actionable

SpyCloud gives you evidence of malware infections on your workforce’s managed and unmanaged devices, along with the exact stolen credentials and cookies so you can lock down vulnerable accounts and web sessions.

Automated Remediation

Stop cyberattacks without extra effort, with automated password resets through Active Directory and Okta, and integrations into your existing security tools – including Splunk, Chronicle, Cortex XSOAR, and more.

Trusted by market leaders

With 500+ customers around the world, including half of the Fortune 10, SpyCloud is the leader in operationalizing Cybercrime Analytics to protect businesses.

We’re on a mission to make the internet a safer place by disrupting the criminal underground. Together with our customers, we aim to stop criminals from profiting off stolen data.

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Protect your enterprise from cyberattacks

[JUST RELEASED] 2023 Ransomware Defense Report highlights infostealers as precursors to future attacks. Download Now