Level Up Your Cyberattack Protection

Have I Been Pwned is great for checking your personal breach exposure, but when it comes to protecting your business, you need something more.

Enter SpyCloud. We’re trusted by security teams at the world’s top companies to prevent targeted attacks.

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Weaknesses of Have I Been Pwned

HIBP has brought much-needed attention to the dangers of breach exposures to individuals and businesses. But for proactive prevention of cyberattacks, you need to upgrade your approach.


SpyCloud vs.
Have I Been Pwned

You get what you pay for.

SpyCloud HIBP
Company 200-person global team 4
Support Daily live support via portal and phone. 24/7/365 for critical items. None
Automated Remediation Directly in AD, Azure AD, Okta, and via integrations with popular security tools None
Breach Sources 41,000+ 755
Password Cracking SpyCloud is the only vendor cracking passwords to enable exact matches without false positives. Our data lake has 25+ billion passwords and counting. Does not crack passwords
Email/Username and Phone # Checks Yes Yes
Password Only Checks Yes, as well as checks for fuzzy and partial matches, banned passwords, and NIST compliance No

Make the Switch to SpyCloud

See the breach and malware exposures we’ve recaptured for your domain, and discover why SpyCloud is the trusted partner for 500+ global organizations.