Protect Your Business From Financial Fraud

Fintech has become a booming industry for banking, payments, investments and more. But with money now moving so fast, criminals will try to exploit any holes accidentally left open by organizations.

That’s where we come in. SpyCloud is uniquely positioned to keep your customers’ money and personal data safe — and protect your bottom line.

Don't Let Threat Actors Compromise Your Customer Accounts

Your Risk, By the Numbers


Financial services firms are 300 times more likely to be targets of cyberattacks than other companies.


Account takeover attempts increased 282% last year as financial account losses increased 72%.


The average annual cost of cybercrime per company within the financial sector is $18.5 million USD.

Why Choose SpyCloud?

Robust Account Takeover Prevention

Proactively protect your customers from account takeover by detecting and remediating exposed credentials stemming from breaches and active malware infections.​

Seamless Solutions

Reduce fraud losses without adding friction for legitimate users. When SpyCloud detects a potentially compromised account, you choose whether password reset, step-up authentication, or account monitoring is the next step.

SpyCloud Customer ATO Prevention Workflow

Faster Fraud Decisions

Make faster, more accurate fraud decisions using recaptured data from criminal communities with over 200B+ assets – delivering actionable analytics for more accurate fraud decisions.

Data No Other Provider Can Get

Our database of exposed credentials and PII is the largest in the industry and offers the freshest, most relevant, and truly actionable data to protect your customers from account takeover and fraud.


How a Global Fintech Platform Uses SpyCloud to Protects Users Infected with Credential-Stealing Botnets

Award Winning Solutions for FinServ

Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award 2021
Global InfoSec Award Winner 2021 - Cutting Edge in Crypto Security
Digital Banking 2019 awarded SpyCloud Best in Show, as well as first prize in the innovation contest, demonstrating our value to financial services and FinTech cybersecurity teams.
Finovate Fall 2017 Best Of Show

The world’s leading financial services organizations depend on SpyCloud.