ThreatConnect & SpyCloud

Through our integration with ThreatConnect for Employee Account Takeover Prevention, organizations can identify and remediate employee credential exposures before they become account breaches.

Integration Highlights

Through SpyCloud’s integration with ThreatConnect for Employee Account Takeover prevention, organizations can automate threat detection and response around company assets being exposed in third-party breaches and leaks, and keep cybercriminals out of corporate accounts and networks. Mutual customers can operationalize SpyCloud’s database of exposed assets tied to company employees through ThreatConnect, and:
    • Rapidly access a wealth of detailed, accurate and relevant breach data at the touch of a button and along with other threat intelligence feeds
    • Automate logging and remediation around next exposures detected by SpyCloud
    • Leverage additional ThreatConnect integrations for further enrichment or triage
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Employee Account Takeover Prevention with ThreatConnect + SpyCloud

Employees often use their corporate email address to sign up for third-party websites. They’re not intending to cause harm; they’re simply trying to minimize the number of login credentials they have to remember. When those websites are breached, the employee’s information is exposed to cybercriminals, and if they have reused their corporate passwords, your organization is at risk. Criminals can easily exploit the exposed credential pairs to gain access to corporate systems – jeopardizing customer information, funds, IP, and sensitive employee personally identifiable information (PII).

Take Control of Your Corporate Breach Exposure

Even with strong password policies in place, bad employee password habits can put enterprise data at risk. SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover Prevention enables enterprises to monitor multiple domains for exposed employee logins and PII, checking each set of credentials against the largest repository of recovered breach data in the world to identify and reset passwords that have been exposed to criminals.

Shorten Your Exposure Window with Early Breach Notification

After a breach takes place, attackers typically keep stolen data contained within a small group of trusted associates while they monetize it, often before the breached organization realizes there’s been an incident. By the time the data leaks to the deep and dark web and the public becomes aware of the breach, stolen credentials have typically already been exposed for 18 to 24 months. SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover Prevention helps enterprises stay ahead of criminals by recovering exposed credentials early in the breach timeline.

Detect and Remediate Compromised Employee Passwords

The use of stolen credentials remains the #1 way criminals gain access to corporate networks and the sensitive information within. Employee accounts provide compelling access to corporate networks and systems, making them attractive targets for criminals.

Protect Your Board Members and High Profile Executives

Attackers targeting your organization may use breach data to attempt to take over the accounts of employees with privileged access, such as board members, senior executives, developers, and systems administrators. With SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover, you can monitor VIP’s personal accounts in addition to their corporate logins, giving you greater visibility of potential threats to your organization.

The SpyCloud Difference

Current, Relevant, Truly Actionable Data

SpyCloud uses Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to quickly recover current breach data within hours or days of the breach occurring. Our unique data cleansing and password cracking process reveals exposed credentials faster and with greater match rates. Not only is our breach database the cleanest, we provide the most data of any provider, with context and perspective to make it immediately actionable.

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