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Shining a Light Into the Criminal Underground

What if we told you the biggest risk to your enterprise is in the places you’re not looking – places you don’t have access to?

The criminal underground is packed with stolen credentials, PII, and browser fingerprints that let criminals impersonate your employees and customers, evading detection from traditional fraud controls.

Underground data exists for nearly everyone – employees, vendors, and customers – who may have dozens or more online personas. When their credentials and PII are leaked in a breach or siphoned from a malware-infected device, your team can’t effectively protect them. You’re never quite sure if any of that data connects back to your enterprise or customers, or if you’re truly secure from cyber attacks that leverage stolen data like account takeover and ransomware.

Without that knowledge, your entire enterprise is at risk.

This risk represents a missed opportunity for information security and fraud prevention teams. For the longest time, data from the criminal underground wasn’t accessible. Now it’s an untapped source of powerful insights.

We call it Recaptured Data.

It’s data our human intelligence researchers have recaptured from tens of thousands of breaches, millions of malware-infected devices, and other covert sources – transformed into actionable insights. We’ve built the largest database of its kind – over 200B assets – which powers our Account Takeover Prevention and Online Fraud Prevention solutions that protect hundreds of global enterprises, including half of the Fortune 10.

Like assembling a puzzle that leads to a complete picture, the true power of Recaptured Data lies in correlating billions of recaptured data points to form a true picture of a user’s risk across their many exposed online personas.

Unless you leverage Recaptured Data, you run the risk of breaches caused by the use of stolen authentication data, or fraud that otherwise goes undetected.

Join us in our mission to disrupt criminals’ ability to profit from stolen data.

Level the playing field with Recaptured Data from SpyCloud.

It's not a tools problem – it's an actionable data problem.

Thousands of security vendors in the market. Over $130B spent annually on defense. And yet the number of breaches continues to rise. Typical threat intelligence feeds are reactive, and they don’t provide actionable data you can use now to stop data breaches, account takeovers, and even ransomware attacks.

By the time other companies alert you to exposures, criminals have already had your data in their hands for months (and sometimes years).

Recaptured Data is the only way to deliver actually actionable analytics that can be used to drive faster, more accurate security and fraud decisions.

Threat actors don't break in – they log in.

Your employees break the rules, make mistakes and can easily be compromised. They reuse passwords across accounts outside of corporate control. Your customers do the same, and you have no visibility into their security habits – or of exposed personal information that leaves them vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. You’re chasing a problem that you know is there, but you can’t see it.

Your biggest security risk is a breach or malware infection outside of your control that leaks your users’ credentials, cookies, or personal data.

Illuminate your consumers' hidden risk.

Underground data exists for everyone. Now you can access the data relevant to your customer base from over 200B+ assets recaptured by SpyCloud – including over 1.7 billion credentials and 13.8 billion pieces of PII collected in the last year alone from data breaches, bot logs, and other underground sources.

SpyCloud shines a light into the criminal underground, recapturing data from your consumers’ numerous exposed online personas so you can make more accurate decisions about how to handle new accounts and transactions, incorporating a fuller picture of their risk.

Soul crushing data collection leaves you in a reactive state.

Data collection at the scale you need to stay on top of threats is impossible for most enterprises. You simply can’t get ahead of the constant onslaught of compromised data that needs to be found, curated, and matched to your users with the speed necessary to act before it’s used to cause harm to your business and your customers. 

Recapturing data is a time-based game and speed of recovery is critical. The criminal underground is not just the “dark web,” and monitoring only that is only going to give you a portion of the exposed data that exists for your employees and customers, and it’s data that has been in criminal hands for months (and sometimes even years). 

Spend time on greater-value activities and leave the heavy lifting to experts who can deliver the speed and accuracy you can’t achieve on your own so you can block not only high-volume credential stuffing attacks but also targeted account takeover and ransomware attacks that happen early in the lifecycle of stolen data.

See your real-time exposure details powered by SpyCloud's Recaptured Data.

Put Recaptured Data to Work for You

Our data powers proactive solutions that protect your users, your brand reputation, and your bottom line.

Protect Your Enterprise

  • Get alerts when your employees’ credentials appear on the criminal underground
  • Automatically reset bad passwords
  • Identify exposures from breaches and malware infections on personal or corporate systems
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Protect Your Consumers

  • Reduce ATO fraud without adding friction for legitimate users
  • Act on consumers’ risk of account takeovers and synthetic identities
  • Detect fraud tied to malware
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Investigate Cybercrime

  • Unmask adversaries using their digital breadcrumbs
  • Visualize critical data connections
  • Speed up investigations with repeatable, scalable analysis
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The SpyCloud Difference

Companies worldwide rely on SpyCloud to protect over 2 billion user accounts from account takeover and online fraud that occurs when criminals use exposed credentials obtained from previous breaches to perpetrate account takeover.

We provide the earliest detection of potentially compromised accounts, and we automate the remediation of exposed passwords, enabling enterprises to lock down vulnerable accounts quickly – before damage is done.

Our solutions are backed by the most comprehensive and actionable repository of compromised credentials and PII recovered from third-party breaches, with well over 100 billion assets, including cracked, plaintext passwords that enable exact matches.

SpyCloud human intelligence researchers have recovered billions of data breach assets, including stolen passwords and emails that can put enterprises at risk of account takeover

Transforming recaptured data to protect your enterprise.