How Easy Is It To Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions?

Enterprises are trying everything they can to prevent cyber criminals from taking over employee and customer accounts to gain access to data and systems. One security control they believe provides protection is multi-factor authentication (MFA). While MFA does provide an additional layer of security, threat actors have figured out how to bypass it using a few clever tactics.

So how easy is it to get around your multi-factor authentication solutions? Watch this on-demand webinar and learn the most common methods that threat actors are using to bypass MFA so you can implement stronger safeguards to protect your employees and customers from account takeover.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The most commonly used MFA bypass techniques
  • How each technique exploits the vulnerabilities of MFA

Watch the Webinar:

How Easy Is It To Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions?

Presenter Info

Jason Lancaster, Head of Investigations

ason began his career performing pen testing, designing and implementing secure network infrastructures. First as a government contractor and then at a Fortune 500 healthcare company. In 2003, he joined TippingPoint where he held several roles including SE Director. TippingPoint was acquired by 3Com in 2005 and later by HP in 2010.

At HP, Jason ran a cross-functional team as Director with the Office of Advanced Technology. In 2013, Jason co-founded HP Field Intelligence, as part of the Security Research organization, delivering actionable threat intelligence to a wide audience.

Jason spent 15 months at a cloud security start-up CloudPassage prior to joining SpyCloud where he leads the Investigations team.

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