It’s Time to Stop Cybercrime from Disrupting Businesses

The extreme growth in cybercrime requires a new approach. It’s no longer enough to gather intelligence to understand the threat landscape. You need to act on what criminals know about your business and your customers. 
Only SpyCloud delivers these actionable insights powered by Cybercrime Analytics (C2A).

What is Cybercrime Analytics?

Cybercrime Analytics (C2A) is a new concept in the industry, but SpyCloud has been doing this since 2016. Simply put, Cybercrime Analytics is the analysis of the outputs of cybercrime – the data that SpyCloud recaptures from the darknet – to deliver businesses automated insights that prevent cyberattacks, protect their customers & bottom line from fraud losses, and investigate cybercrime incidents when they do occur.


How It Works:

Our Cyber Analytics Engine was built to make darknet data actionable to protect businesses.

It ingests recaptured breach and malware data from all layers of the darknet, with a focus on the deepest layers which require specialized expertise to penetrate.

It curates that data, enriches it with context, reverses hashed passwords, and analyzes billions of assets that power our automated ransomware and ATO prevention solutions.

It enables the scale necessary to augment our database by 1B+ assets per month, as well as to identify and toss erroneous data that would cause threat intel alert fatigue.

 Our focus is delivering relevant + actionable information to our customers.

Focusing on the Deepest Layers of the Darknet

Without access to the data being shared in the core layers of the darknet – closed, offline forums and small circles of criminals – security and fraud prevention teams are flying blind. What data makes you a target? And what can you do about it if you can’t see what’s out there?

The truth is, the biggest risks to your business are in the places you don’t have access to – but SpyCloud does. We share what criminals are using today to perpetrate account takeover, data breaches, ransomware attacks, and online fraud. We enable you to react quickly to the data that’s being used against you. It’s finally possible to put an end to the cycle of cybercrime.

The New Paradigm of Fighting Cybercrime

Trusted by market leaders

With 500+ customers around the world, including half of the Fortune 10, SpyCloud is the leader in operationalizing Cybercrime Analytics to protect businesses.

We’re on a mission to make the internet a safer place by disrupting the criminal underground. Together with our customers, we aim to stop criminals from profiting off stolen data.

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Cybercrime Analytics-Powered Solutions

Protect Your Enterprise from Cyberattacks
  • Get alerts when your employees’ credentials appear on the criminal underground
  • Automatically reset bad passwords to stop ATO that can lead to ransomware
  • Identify exposures from breaches and malware infections on personal or corporate systems
Prevent Consumer
Fraud Losses
  • Reduce ATO fraud without adding friction for legitimate users
  • Act on consumers’ risk of account takeovers and synthetic identities
  • Detect fraud tied to malware
Power Cybercrime
  • Unmask adversaries using their digital breadcrumbs
  • Visualize critical data connections
  • Speed up investigations with repeatable, scalable analysis

Ready to disrupt cybercrime?