Protect Employees and Consumers from Account Takeover

Stamp out fraud, intellectual property theft and damage to your brand

Protect Employees and Customers from Account Takeover

Stamp out fraud, intellectual property theft and damage to your brand

How We Do It

SpyCloud utilizes human intelligence (HUMINT) and automated scanning to gain access to the same data the fraudsters use. Through our proprietary technology and tradecraft, we can surface exposed data (credentials, PII, etc.) before it is used to cause harm, typically weeks or even months before it becomes available to “dark web scanners.”

The earlier 3rd party breaches are discovered, the faster you can mitigate the risk and prevent collateral damage to your employees or consumers – but it all depends on the quality and quantity of data you have at your fingertips.

Say Hello to the Most Advanced ATO Prevention Platform

Our suite of award winning solutions enable you to proactively protect your users’ accounts and thwart online fraud.


Proactively take action on exposed employee and consumer accounts.

Active Directory

Automatically prevent ATO of your Windows accounts.


Utilize our rich dataset for online fraud investigations.

Corporate Exposure

Receive alerts when your employee accounts have been exposed.

NIST Password

Ensure compliance with NIST guidelines for strong passwords.


Integrate our data with your SIEM, custom app, or security offering.

The SpyCloud Difference

Not all cyber security companies are the same and their approach to account protection varies widely. SpyCloud uses human intelligence (HUMINT), decrypted plaintext credentials, and PII to reveal exposed credentials faster and with greater match rates. Not only is our data the cleanest, we provide the most data of any provider, with context and perspective to make it immediately actionable.

Human Intelligence and Rock-Solid Data

SpyCloud offers the most comprehensive, cleansed data available, enabling you to find exposed credentials and take immediate action if a breach is discovered. We get access to the most sources and to data people don’t know exists. Many other companies use only automated means of obtaining breach data from public forums and fail to cleanse it so that it is actually usable.

Access to Decrypted Plaintext Passwords

SpyCloud manages the most expansive database of decrypted plaintext passwords in the industry. Once a new breach is recovered from the dark web, we use specialized hardware and software to decrypt as many of the encrypted password hashes as possible. Of the more than 20 billion passwords recovered to-date, more than 17 billion of them are in plaintext format, giving developers the ability to prove user exposures and automate password exposure checks across internal systems.

Largest Database, Most Matches and Most Industry-Leading Partners

Because of our proprietary use of both HUMINT and automation tools, SpyCloud boasts the largest database and the highest match rate of accounts being sold on the black market. No wonder we were winners of the 2017 NATO Defense Innovation Challenge and the 2017 Finovate Best of Show, and runner-up at the Educause Startup Pitch Competition. It’s also one of the reasons leading companies such as Cisco, Avast and AlienVault rely on SpyCloud to protect their employee and customer accounts.

Join the hundreds of companies using SpyCloud to protect their accounts from Account Takeover