Over 2B+ Accounts Protected & Counting

SpyCloud provides actually actionable threat intelligence to prevent account takeover and keep your employees and customers secure. In a brief demo we’ll show you:
  • Why SpyCloud’s early breach data collection and password cracking matter to your ATO and ransomware prevention efforts
  • How quickly you can integrate SpyCloud’s exposed data to improve your security posture
  • How we take it a step further with automated remediation of exposed credentials to reduce your risk without burdening your staff
Threat Intelligence Has Changed

(in a big way)

Threat Intelligence Has Changed

(in a big way)

Brands That Already Trust SpyCloud

SpyCloud dashboard

Why Choose SpyCloud?

We take the heavy lifting off your team, recapturing more actionable breach intel that any any other provider.

  • Shorten your exposure window from years to days with actually actionable threat intelligence: a continuously-updated feed of fresh exposures, including malware-infected user records.
  • Negate the effects of credential reuse by checking your users’ passwords against our entire database and block previously-compromised, weak and banned passwords.
  • Get the most current data that’s easy to integrate into common SIEMs, SOARS, TIPs, and customer authentication workflows.

SpyCloud’s Recaptured Breach Data

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Identify Exposed Accounts on a Regular Basis


Exposed employee records identified across 65 breaches

– Chemical Company

Reduce Entry Points to Your Corporate Assets


Reduction in ATO cases for internal employees

– Major Airline

Shorten Response Times with Automation


Compromised passwords secured in one day

– University of Oklahoma

Ready for actually actionable threat intelligence?