2020 Report: Breach Exposure of the Fortune 1000

This report covers:
  • How many Fortune 1000 employees and C-level executives have passwords available to cybercriminals
  • Top passwords of Fortune 1000 employees
  • Infographics showing credential exposure, password reuse rates, and more for all 21 Fortune 1000 sectors
  • Which sector is the worst offender (by far)
Preview of SpyCloud's 2020 Report: Breach Exposure of the Fortune 1000, which reveals the corporate credential exposure and ATO risks of major enterprises

The SpyCloud Difference

Current, Relevant, Truly Actionable Data

Not all cyber security companies are the same and their approach to account protection varies widely. SpyCloud uses human intelligence (HUMINT), decrypted plaintext credentials, and PII to reveal exposed credentials faster and with greater match rates. Not only is our data the cleanest, we provide the most data of any provider, with context and perspective to make it immediately actionable.

SpyCloud human intelligence researchers have recovered billions of data breach assets, including stolen passwords and emails that can put enterprises at risk of account takeover

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