Chris LaConte

Chief Strategy Officer

Chris has a proven history of helping organizations rapidly grow through partnerships, leading the strategic roadmap and guiding them through new markets and opportunities. As Chief Strategy Officer, Chris LaConte is responsible for identifying, closing and maintaining SpyCloud’s strategic relationships and helping us shape and execute on our strategic vision.

Before joining SpyCloud, Chris was Senior Vice President of Emerging Growth at Green Dot (NYSE: GDOT), the nation’s largest provider of prepaid cards and an emerging player in Financial Technology. During his tenure, he was a key player in the design and launch of their Disbursement Platform including the launch Uber’s Instant Pay service. Chris began his career with Higher One where he spent thirteen years helping grow the early-stage fin-tech startup into a publicly-traded company which reached over a billion-dollar valuation on the NYSE. Ultimately he was named Senior Vice President of Corporate Development due to his success in completing multiple acquisitions, successfully executing their IPO, and signing critical strategic partnerships with some of the country’s largest technology and financial services companies.

Chris is a big fan of traveling and has had the opportunity to participate in some of the world’s most exciting events and festivals with the highlights being running with the bulls in Pamplona and helping to take care of elephants at a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In his downtime he enjoys hiking, golfing and spending time with his wife and their dog, Coco. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Southern Connecticut State University after transferring from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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