Breach Intelligence for Cyber Insurance Underwriters

Informed cyber underwriting decisions are made with SpyCloud data.

Cyber attacks are becoming more common every day, and cause substantial losses to businesses of all sizes. As a result, the growth potential for cyber insurance companies is skyrocketing – but so is the risk to your P&L.

At the root of these questions is a lack of access to exposure data that helps define which customers are at higher risk of cyber attacks that result from the use of stolen credentials.

If the credentials of policyholder employees (particularly executives) are in criminals’ hands, you need to know so you can price their policies with this in mind, and at the same time, help them clean up their cyber hygiene.

Leverage SpyCloud’s unparalleled breach intelligence for improved cyber risk modeling. Connect with our experts today.

With SpyCloud, cyber insurers:

Better assess the cyber risk profile of customers​
Win more business with optimal pricing​
Reduce unexpected claims, protecting your bottom line​
Keep clients longer by sharing exposure data they can act on

Never thought about using breach intelligence to improve your underwriting?

Why breach intelligence is critical to accurately pricing cyber risk

How are you assessing potential customers’ risk of a data breach or targeted cyber attacks? If you’re using outdated models that look at company size and industry profile, you may be putting your P&L in danger by taking on risky customers or pricing yourself too high for low-risk customers.

What is breach intelligence?

Simply put, it’s assets that have been stolen in data breaches, such as passwords, usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, and even credit card numbers, national ID numbers, and much more. In fact, SpyCloud has over 200 field types in our database, which shows just how much stolen data is out there. SpyCloud collects the data from the criminal underground, cleanses and de-dupes it, and makes it machine readable, so it’s ready to integrate into your systems.

Why use it?

Breach intelligence can make all the difference to your risk modeling. A company with a high number of compromised login details and PII available to criminals to exploit should be evaluated differently than a company whose employees demonstrate superior password hygiene. Not only that, the company at high risk needs access to their exposures so they can remediate. You can be the insurance partner that supplies fresh exposure data they can act on, helping them improve their cyber risk and achieve lowered premiums that keep them a customer.

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How It Works

SpyCloud utilizes human intelligence (HUMINT) and automated scanning to gain access to the same data the fraudsters use.

SpyCloud is the industry leader at discovering exposed credentials and PII on the criminal underground. That’s why cyber insurers are turning to us to enhance their underwriting process. We supply data on their customers’ cyber risk that is continuously updated to the tune of 12+ billion assets per month.

By integrating SpyCloud’s easy-to-use API into your existing cyber risk analysis tools and modeling, you can accurately price premiums while ensuring your customers are protected pre- and post- breach. Identify and notify customers when they have been exposed on the criminal underground so they can take action. It’s dead simple: most customers report successful integration into existing workflows and systems in 1-2 days.

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