Continuous Monitoring For Compromised Credentials

Helping the Government Prevent, Disrupt, and Investigate Cyber Attacks

Government agencies carry the tremendous responsibility of protecting sensitive information for millions of U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, these agencies are targets of cybercriminals just as private businesses are.

In fact, government agencies make especially good targets for cyber attacks due to the sheer amount of personally identifiable information (PII) stored in their systems and the amount of money that can be gained from siphoning funds, rerouting government benefits, and stealing taxpayers’ private information to leverage themselves or sell on the dark web. Attack vectors include:

    • Your employees
      A bad actor impersonates an employee by leveraging credentials stolen via a malware infection on the employee’s machine.
    • Your citizens
      A bad actor logs in as a citizen using stolen credentials, and bypasses multi-factor authentication via social engineering, using PII harvested from a recent breach.
    • Your suppliers
      A bad actor compromises a defense supplier executive, gaining access to controlled unclassified information (CUI).
Continuous monitoring with SpyCloud

With high profile federal data breaches top of mind for public sector security teams – including the theft of 700,000 people’s tax information from the IRS, and the Small Business Administration (SBA) leak of 8,000 small business owners’ personal information – the time is now to deploy continuous monitoring for compromised credentials that put your users’ data at risk.

And should fraud, infrastructure disruption, espionage, or data theft occur, law enforcement agencies investigating cyber crimes need robust data to identify the perpetrators.

Only one solution provider, SpyCloud, powers both: preventing cyber attacks before they happen and empowering investigators to de-anonymize threat actors targeting government agencies and private citizens.

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Breach Data: HUMINT + OSINT

Stop cyber attacks using the most current and comprehensive repository of compromised credentials and PII in the industry, recovered from the criminal underground using Human Intelligence (HUMINT). SpyCloud’s massive database of actionable open source intelligence (OSINT) includes data criminals have stolen via data breaches and through botnet infections. 

SpyCloud solutions are offered as Data as a Service (DaaS), enabling agencies to act on newly-exposed data quickly without the need for increased staff. 

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Prevent Public Sector Employee Account Takeover

With millions of pairs of email addresses and passwords circulating on the dark web, criminals can gain access to government systems with relative ease, accessing sensitive data and perpetrating business email compromise (BEC).

For the last four years, the use of weak or stolen passwords has been the top hacking technique used for account takeovers. However, if breach data is recovered right after it is stolen and immediately compared to employee logins, compromised passwords can be reset before criminals have the chance to exploit them.

SpyCloud helps secure employee accounts against account takeover and BEC with proactive, continuous monitoring and automated remediation. When an employee’s data is found in a breach, we alert you quickly and force a password reset before criminals get access.

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Government Agency Employee Account Takeover Prevention
Continuous Monitoring for Consumer Credential Compromise

Stop Fraud Against Citizens

The prevalence of password reuse makes it possible for criminals to take an email and password combination stolen in a breach or purchased on the dark web, and use it to gain entry into other accounts.

But data breaches don’t expose just emails and passwords; PII that criminals use to answer secret questions is frequently also stolen. Last year alone, SpyCloud recovered over 5.7 billion PII assets, illuminating just how much data is available to criminals to use against citizens.

The key to stopping fraud ensuring that citizens logging into your agency’s site aren’t using already-exposed passwords that put their data – and your reputation – in jeopardy. With SpyCloud, you can detect and remediate stolen passwords before bad actors have a chance to use them.

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SpyCloud is a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity Access Management and Fraud Detection

Protect Your Agency from Government Contractor Exposures

Government work relies on partnerships with private businesses, but those outside organizations are also vulnerable to attack, which in turn puts the government agency at risk. SpyCloud recently examined defense and aerospace companies in the Fortune 1000 and found more than 1.1 million decrypted employee corporate email and passwords combinations available for criminals to use, and 79% of those employees reusing passwords across multiple accounts. That is a huge amount of risk for agencies doing business with these contractors to assume.

SpyCloud Third Party Insight makes it easy to manage risk from DIB contractors. Continuous breach monitoring identifies when your vendors are compromised. You can then share the affected third party vendor’s exposed data directly with them so they can take steps to lock down accounts before criminals can exploit them. In the meantime, you can choose to limit access to your data until they have taken remediation action.

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Powerful OSINT for Investigations

SpyCloud gives agencies the ability to proactively protect users by remediating stolen credentials, but when fraud occurs by other means, we offer a solution to support your investigations.

Federal law enforcement agencies use our database of more than 100 billion breach assets to accelerate their investigations into cases of conspiracy, computer hacking, wire fraud, identity theft, and human trafficking. It powers the discovery of criminal personas and their infrastructure, including the breadth and nature of malicious campaigns.

SpyCloud continuously adds new breach data sources, resulting in about 1 billion new assets every month. While others simply scrape data from the dark web, SpyCloud augments automation with Human Intelligence to persuade sources to provide data sets that would otherwise remain hidden from investigators. We then put each digital asset through a rigorous quality-control process to ensure the cleanest, most actionable data is available to investigators.

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