Shine a Light into the Cybercriminal Underground

Take control of security outcomes with the largest and most up-to-date database of underground data, recaptured from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other covert sources.
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(You Need to See It to Believe It)

Illuminate the hidden risk you didn't know about

The criminal underground: a data realm packed with stolen login credentials, browser fingerprints, and PII that lets criminals impersonate your users. This information puts your entire enterprise at risk. Security teams have struggled to stay on top of the data that’s in criminals’ hands related to their employees and customers — until now.

SpyCloud shines a light into the criminal underground, recapturing this data for you so we can stop it from being weaponized against your business.

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Capitalize on actually actionable threat intelligence

Typical threat intelligence feeds are reactive, and they don’t provide actionable data you can use now to stop data breaches, account takeovers, and even ransomware attacks. By the time other companies alert you to exposures, criminals have already had your data in their hands for months (and sometimes years).

With SpyCloud, you get real-time alerts based on fresh data – information we’ve recaptured quickly after a breach or malware infection – so you can act quickly to negate the threat.

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SpyCloud dashboard

Access the world's largest collection of recaptured data

Underground data exists for everyone (employees, vendors, and customers). Now you can access the data relevant to your business from over 300B+ assets recaptured by SpyCloud – including over 1.7 billion credentials and 13.7 billion pieces of PII collected in the last year alone from data breaches, malware logs, and other underground sources.

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What Can Recaptured Data Do For You?

Reduce Entry Points to Your Corporate Assets


Reduction in ATO cases for internal employees

– Major Airline

Reduce Fraud Losses from Compromised Customers


Fraud losses prevented

– Global Fintech Company

Increase Your Impact Without More Resources


Performance increase vs internal team alone

– Fortune 100 Technology Company

Protect your enterprise & customers today