How the Holidays Affect Dark Web Cybercriminal Activity

It's a Deal, It's a Steal

The activity we saw on criminal marketplaces during the 2020 holiday shopping season surprised us – huge spikes in the sales of crimeware tools and stolen credentials for particular restaurants, airlines and other consumer services accounts. Get the details in this on-demand webinar.

Surviving a Data Breach – On-Demand

Surviving a Data Breach - CISO CIO Panel

Security leaders who have been through worst-case scenarios offer real-world advice for stronger breach prevention & response. Get the audio file or watch the panel webinar on-demand.

How Credential Stuffing Tools Are Made

Credential Stuffing Webinar Screenshot

Learn how credential stuffing works and get insights into the tools of the trade (including some very sophisticated custom Nintendo crimeware). Discover why stolen accounts that don’t have obvious monetary value can be profitable for cybercriminals.

Fortune 1000 Breach Exposure: What We Can Learn

SpyCloud has analyzed breach data tied to Fortune 1000 employee credentials to understand trends in password reuse and data exposure. See what it means for the organizations that work with them.

How the Holidays Affect Criminal Ecommerce

In this webinar, SpyCloud researchers discuss the trends they’ve tracked on criminal ecommerce sites, including fresh data on how Black Friday 2019 sales affected prices and sales volumes.