Real or Synthetic? Introducing SpyCloud Identity Risk Engine

SIDRE: High Risk

The surge in online activity in recent years has led to a corresponding explosion in online fraud, leaving even enterprises with strong fraud prevention programs struggling to confidently distinguish real consumers from cybercriminals. Until now, no existing anti-fraud solution on the market could provide visibility into the risk posed by the recency, severity, and scope of an individual user’s identity exposures on the criminal underground.

We’re excited to introduce SpyCloud Identity Risk Engine (SIDRETM), a new anti-fraud solution that leverages our robust database of recaptured breach and malware-stolen data to help detect the risk of account takeover, identity fraud, and new account fraud. We protect organizations in real-time by correlating risk indicators to distinguish high risk from low risk consumers, allowing enterprises to tailor the customer journey appropriately and reduce fraud losses without adding friction.

In this webinar, SpyCloud’s Anti-Fraud Solutions Product Manager, Pattie Dillon, and Director of Fraud & Identity, Pete Barker, introduce SpyCloud’s newest offering, including a detailed look at how we’re turning recaptured data into a clear fraud signal that can improve the accuracy of fraud decisioning at scale.

Learn how Identity Risk Engine can complement your existing fraud control framework to help you:

  • Predict Fraud Tied to Malware: Identify consumers whose data has been harvested by malware, including browser fingerprints that enable criminals to impersonate them
  • Anticipate Account Takeover: Determine which customers are at highest risk of account takeover due to exposed credentials, bad password hygiene, and other key risk indicators
  • Detect Synthetic Identities: Detect anomalies within a customer’s information indicating that the identity is fake, stolen, or constructed using sensitive data available on the criminal underground

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