Mind the Gap: The Future is Passwordless, But What About Securing Consumer Identity Today?

Webinar - SpyCloud for FinTech - Securing Consumer Identity

The dream: a passwordless future. The reality: the world operates on passwords now and for the foreseeable future. By and large, your customer base is using weak, reused or recycled passwords that put their personal data and financial information at risk.

With fintech services housing so much consumer data and being prime targets for cybercriminals, you are the protector of your customers’ identities in many ways. Yet despite your best efforts to implement strong IAM controls, even unsophisticated criminals armed with credentials pairs from third-party breaches can masquerade as legitimate users.

This webinar explores:

  • How criminal behavior and technology are evolving to outpace your security measures
  • What companies like yours are doing to secure customer accounts in the here and now
  • How one innovative fintech platform is using breach data in four unique ways

This session was hosted in conjunction with KNOW Identity.   

Solution: Consumer Account Takeover Prevention

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Watch the Webinar:

Securing Consumer Identity Today


Chip Witt, Vice President of Product Management

Chip Witt has nearly twenty years of diverse technology experience, including product management and operations leadership roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Webroot, VMware, Alcatel, and Appthority. He is currently the VP of Product Management and oversees the Customer Success Program at SpyCloud. Chip works closely with field intelligence teams specializing in OSINT and HUMINT tradecraft, actor attribution and underground monitoring.

Pattie Dillon, Anti-Fraud Relationship Manager

Pattie Dillon’s passion for fraud prevention and risk mitigation begin in 2002 at her firm Etalinc, LLC, where she pioneered the development and creation of a privacy-oriented online IDresponse age verification and identity verification SaaS platform. Her previous roles as President of Veratad Technologies and Director at Wolfe had her focused on reducing fraud and compliance risk and combating gift card fraud. These roles led her to work with Merchants and Law Enforcement to track criminal activity. Now at SpyCloud, Pattie’s focus is developing creative and innovative ways to fight fraud with SpyCloud’s leading-edge products and networking with others in an effort to build a safer internet through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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SpyCloud solutions are backed by the world’s most current and comprehensive repository of recaptured data from breaches, malware infections, and other underground sources – with billions of exposed credentials and PII. It’s the same data that fraudsters use, but we make it actionable to prevent account takeover, ransomware attacks, and online fraud.


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