Gartner Report: How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks

Gartner, How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks

“Ransomware attacks continue to increase, using techniques that are growing more and more sophisticated and targeted. Security and risk management leaders need to look beyond just the endpoints to help protect the organization from ransomware.”1

As devastating ransomware attacks dominate cybersecurity headlines, it’s no surprise that preparing for ransomware is top of mind for most security and risk management leaders. 

In “How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks,” Gartner addresses the primary challenges facing enterprises and lays out practical guidelines for ransomware pre-incident planning, detection, and response. Read the full report and we believe you will learn:

  • Weaknesses bad actors commonly exploit to access victims’ networks, such as previously compromised credentials
  • Common ransomware attack patterns and what security leaders can learn from them
  • Techniques enterprises can use to strengthen their defenses against ransomware and minimize the impact of an attack
  • Essential steps enterprises should include in their recovery and post-incident response plans
Download the full report today to read Gartner recommendations for preparing your organization for ransomware attacks.

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Gartner, How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks

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Gartner Disclaimer:
1 S
ource: Gartner, How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks, by Mark Harris, Brad LaPorte, and Paul Furtado, 16 November 2020. 


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