The Never Ending War Against Cyber Threats

Thousands of security tools exist in the market today and over $130B is spent annually on defense. With all the promises of data breach prevention and threat intelligence solutions, if they were going to stop threat actors, they would have by now.

In the war for securing customer and employee data, your last line of defense is putting breach data to work for you.

Threat actors don’t break in. They login...

Weak, stolen and reused credentials are the fuel for data breaches, account takeover, and online fraud. Despite implementing security best practices and strong password requirements, a majority of breaches come from threat actors that simply log into accounts using leaked credentials. your greatest security risk is someone else's breach.

Your employees reuse passwords across accounts outside of corporate control. Your customers do the same. Your risk may be a breach on a network outside of your control that leaks the reused credentials of your users.

SpyCloud for MSSPs & MDR Vendors
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Most threat intelligence isn't actually actionable.

Typical threat intelligence feeds are reactive. Breaches are identified too late, and by the time you’re made aware of the exposure, criminals have already taken over your customer and employee accounts.

SpyCloud is proactive. Now you can identify potentially vulnerable accounts in real-time and take immediate action to reset passwords and remediate compromised accounts before criminals can use them to cause harm.

Turn breach data into your best defense against security threats.

To prevent today’s cyberattacks, your security controls must make stolen data worthless to threat actors. For this, you need access to the very data that threat actors use – in order to turn it against them. You must negate the value of stolen credentials before criminals can use them against you.
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Finally, actually actionable threat intelligence.

SpyCloud has the largest database of actionable breach data, combined with automated remediation, so you can keep customers and employees secure — without overwhelming your team.

Enterprise ATO Prevention

Monitor employee credentials and reduce your risk of a data breach.

Consumer ATO & Fraud Prevention

Reduce fraud without adding friction for legitimate users.

Data Integration

Enhance your solution with SpyCloud’s breach data.

Ready to use breach data against threat actors?

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