The Only Solution Powerful Enough to Predict Fraud Tied to Malware

SpyCloud uniquely identifies the fraud risk of your customers by analyzing billions of underground data points, giving you a 360-degree view of their risk that lets you make more confident fraud decisions.

SpyCloud’s innovative approach to fraud prevention specializes in forms of fraud that are hardest to stop, predicting fraud tied to malware, anticipating account takeover, and detecting synthetic identities.

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Gain the Upper Hand with Underground Data

SpyCloud Identity Risk Engine provides what no other anti-fraud and identity verification solutions can: actionable, predictive fraud risk assessments based on recaptured data from the criminal underground using human intelligence (HUMINT).

Only SpyCloud lets you...

Leverage Underground Data

Make faster, more accurate fraud decisions using recaptured data from criminal communities with over 200B+ assets – delivering actionable analytics for more accurate fraud decisions..

Detect Fraud Tied to Malware

Identify consumers whose data has been harvested by malware, including browser fingerprints that enable criminals to impersonate them..

Capitalize on actionable risk signals no other provider has

SpyCloud is the only provider using recaptured data for fraud prevention, delivering actionable analytics that can be used to drive faster, more accurate fraud decisions. SpyCloud constantly recovers and analyzes new data from the criminal underground, including credentials and personal information exposed by third-party data breaches, combolists, and malware-infected devices.

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Transforming fraud prevention from reactive to proactive

Fraud is an arms race, and criminals have an advantage — until now.

SpyCloud’s Identity Risk Engine enhances the power of existing fraud prevention solutions by drawing on the world’s largest database of recaptured data from the criminal underground to illuminate which customers are at highest risk of account takeover, new account fraud, and synthetic identity fraud.

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Unlock even more revenue blocked by false declines

Businesses are missing a crucial element in their control frameworks: visibility of stolen information that enables criminals to evade detection.

Without a complete view of customers’ risk, inaccurate decisions often result in revenue lost to fraud, false positives, unnecessary friction, time wasted on manual reviews, and negative customer experiences that damage your brand with legitimate customers.

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Inside SpyCloud:
All the Tools You Need to Stop Hard-to-Detect Fraud

Stop Fraud Tied to Malware

Identify consumers whose data has been harvested by malware, including browser fingerprints that enable criminals to impersonate them

Detect Synthetic Identities

Detect anomalies within a customer’s information indicating that the identity is fake, stolen, or constructed using sensitive data available on the criminal underground

Anticipate Account Takeover

Determine which customers are at highest risk of account takeover due to exposed credentials, bad password hygiene, and other key risk indicators

Understand Identity Risk

Get actionable insight into the risk that a customer’s identity may be abused for fraud, distilled from 200+ billion assets recovered from underground criminal communities

Reveal Consumers' Exposure

Visibility into the scope, recency, and severity of a customer’s data exposure on the criminal underground to evaluate the types of fraud they may be most susceptible to

Forecast Targeted Attacks

Rely on real-time third-party breach data to identify customers with newly exposed credentials that are of high value to criminals

Stop fraud that stems from malware infections, breach data, and bad actors logging in with real customers’ browser fingerprints.

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