Monitor the Dark Web for Employee and Consumer Data

Go beyond scanners, scrapers and crawlers that monitor the dark web for stolen credentials, web session cookies, and PII. Protect your users with SpyCloud, which combines automated dark web data collection tools with human intelligence, giving you access to stolen data months — and often years — before other providers.

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How We Do It

SpyCloud utilizes human intelligence (HUMINT) and automated scanning to gain access to the same data the fraudsters use. Through our proprietary technology and tradecraft, we can surface exposed data (credentials, PII, etc.) before it is used to cause harm, typically many months before it becomes available to “dark web scanners.”

The earlier 3rd party breaches are discovered, the faster you can mitigate the risk and prevent collateral damage to your employees or consumers – but it all depends on the quality and quantity of data you have at your fingertips.

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Data Types

As you evaluate dark web monitoring solutions, consider that SpyCloud offers...

Data Recaptured Through Human Intelligence

Many of our competitors claim to collect data early after a breach, but SpyCloud typically recaptures it in a matter of days directly from darknet forums and closed groups. Our HUMINT researchers lean heavily on social engineering to gain access to data well before it’s shared more openly, and months-to-years before it hits the public dark web.

Botnet Logs

Besides 3rd party breaches, SpyCloud’s intelligence collection also includes post-infection botnet logs which indicate malware infections on corporate or personal devices. When your employees or consumers’ data is found in a botnet log, this indicates a high-severity exposures that puts them at great risk of ATO and fraud. Only SpyCloud’s solutions incorporate this data, enabling a more complete remediation process.

Access to Plaintext Passwords

SpyCloud manages the most expansive database of plaintext passwords in the industry. Once a new breach is recovered, we use specialized hardware and software to crack as many of the encrypted password hashes as possible.

Of the more than 30+ billion passwords recaptured to-date, more than 90% are available in plaintext, giving you the ability to prove user exposures with exact matches and automate password resets.

Largest Database, Most Matches and Most Industry-Leading Partners

Because of our proprietary use of both HUMINT and automation tools, SpyCloud boasts the largest database and the highest match rate of accounts being sold on underground markets. No wonder we were named Best in Show by American Banker, won the NATO Defense Innovation Challenge, and Best of Show at Finovate. It’s also one of the reasons leading companies such as Cisco, Avast and AlienVault rely on SpyCloud to protect their employee and customer accounts.

With expert eyes and ears always looking out for bad actors and breaches, SpyCloud is continually adding valuable data to our database. We are the only ones who crack passwords and update our data sets with real-time data straight from the dark web.

Where are you getting your data?

SpyCloud: More Than Dark Web Monitoring

Our suite of award winning solutions enable you to proactively protect your users’ accounts and thwart online fraud.

Zero Trust
Enterprise Protection

Reset compromised passwords before criminals can use them to perpetrate ATO and ransomware attacks.

Password Security
Consumer Fraud Protection

Take informed action to combat account takeover and online fraud, preserve profits, and protect your brand reputation.

Fraud Investigations

Draw on decades-worth of digital breadcrumbs to unmask criminals attempting to defraud your business and your customers.


Create new revenue streams or enhance your product with SpyCloud’s unparalleled recaptured data.

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