Your Biggest Security Threat Might Be Someone Else's Breach.

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Even with strong password policies, you can’t stop employees from reusing passwords on accounts you don’t control. But a breach to an outside account can quickly become your biggest internal threat. Because once an employee’s credentials are stolen, a criminal has all they need to take over a corporate account and gain access to your enterprise.

SpyCloud’s Account Takeover Prevention solution checks your employee accounts against continuously recaptured third-party breach data, identifies which accounts are exposed, and automatically remediates them – preventing account takeover and protecting your enterprise.

Just Enter Your Business Email Address

On the next screen, you will see the real-time ATO exposure details for yourself and your domain:

Turn Breach Data Into Your Biggest Defense

Lock Criminals Out of Your Network

Stolen credentials are a criminal’s all-access pass to your systems. With SpyCloud, you’re able to immediately and automatically respond to stolen employee credentials, reducing entry points for criminals to deliver ransomware to your network.

Shorten Response Times with Automation

SpyCloud eliminates the time your team spends investigating and remediating potentially compromised accounts, so your workforce is protected while you free up resources.

Stop Threats from Credential Reuse

60% of users exposed in data breaches last year were reusing passwords across work and personal accounts. SpyCloud can check your users’ passwords against our entire database for any exposure, independent of username, and block previously-compromised, weak and banned passwords.

– Al Dixon, Principal IT Security Architect of CorpIT at EBSCO Industries

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