2023 Annual Identity Exposure Report

2023 Annual Identity Exposure Report Image

With nearly half of our data coming from botnets last year, our annual report of recaptured darknet data features key trends about malware and identity exposure.

Disrupting the Ransomware Market

Malware infections siphon valuable data like fresh credentials and web session cookies, giving bad actors the virtual keys to your enterprise. SpyCloud breaks down malware infections and offers context around the steps criminals take with malware-stolen data, and what can be done to stop this insidious threat.

Post-Infection Remediation Guide

Post-Infection Remediation is SpyCloud’s new, critical addition to malware infection response. This guide goes in-depth on how to stop malware exposures from becoming full-blown ransomware incidents.

2022 Ransomware Defense Report

2022 Ransomware Defense Report Preview

Our annual report shows a surprising increase in organizations that experienced multiple ransomware attacks, the costly impacts of ineffective countermeasures, and future plans to improve defenses.

Infected User Response Guide

Malware Infected User Guide

Handy guide to decipher what it means when employee or consumer information appears on a botnet log, and how to contact infected users with an action plan.

2022 Fortune 1000 Identity Exposure Report

Image of SpyCloud's Fortune 1000 Identity Exposure Report

Our annual analysis of data tied to Fortune 1000 companies includes insights on credential exposure, password reuse rates, and the impact of malware-infected employees and consumers.

2022 Report: Identity Exposure of London’s FTSE 100

Graphic of SpyCloud's 2022 FTSE Identity Exposure Report

Our annual analysis of exposed credentials and PII tied to London’s FTSE 100 employees uncovered insights about password reuse and malware-infected devices that put these organisations and the companies that rely on them at risk.

2022 Annual Identity Exposure Report

2022 SpyCloud Identity Exposure Report

Our annual reports analyzes the 15.5 billion assets we recaptured from the criminal underground last year, and how enterprises can use this information to protect themselves from ATO, malware, and ransomware, and protect their consumers from online fraud.