Global Computer Manufacturer and Retailer

This Fortune 50 computer manufacturer and retailer incorporated SpyCloud’s automated consumer fraud risk analytics into their security technology stack to reduce manual review and enhance fraud investigations.


Aviation Industry

EUROCONTROL protects its 2,000 employees and 1 million constituent accounts on 130 domains from ATO that can lead to ransomware attacks, increases cybersecurity awareness, and provides enormous value to their security program with SpyCloud.

Ecommerce Marketplace

Ecommerce Marketplace

An ecommerce marketplace uses SpyCloud Consumer ATO Prevention to reduce ATO fraud, avoid fraud losses, and reduce resources dedicated to ATO prevention.


Team Collaboration

Atlassian protects its employees and customers from cyberattacks with SpyCloud’s solutions, reducing resource hours spent researching Atlassian’s potential involvement in public breaches and securing its brand reputation.

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company


This Fortune 100 financial services company protects millions of financial services consumers from account takeover fraud with SpyCloud, while also enriching their online fraud investigations with SpyCloud data.

Alvarez & Marsal


Alvarez & Marsal uses SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian to monitor the credentials of over 6,000 employees across all 54 of the company’s global offices, as well as service providers enrolled in their Active Directory.

Global Fintech Company

Fintech Account Takeover Prevention Case Study - SpyCloud

With SpyCloud, this global fintech platform has been able to automate consumer account takeover prevention at scale, protect thousands of users infected with credential-stealing botnets, and enrich their predictive models and investigations.

Global Managed Services Provider

SpyCloud enabled a global managed services provider to expand the value of their offering by adding credential monitoring services and increasing the quality of their threat intelligence reports—all without hiring additional staff.


Zscaler is a cloud-based security company that is completely transforming the way companies approach information security.

A Large US University

With few resources to dedicate to account takeover prevention, this large US university was settling for a mediocre security solution that required too much manual effort.