Prevent Account Takeover

Safeguard the identity of your employees, consumers, and suppliers.

  • Detect & Remediate Compromised Accounts
  • Empower Your Supply Chain
  • Transform Fraud Investigations

Check Your Exposure​

See your real-time breach exposure details powered by SpyCloud data.

Our Data

Current. Relevant. Truly Actionable.

SpyCloud’s account takeover prevention and fraud investigation solutions are backed by the world’s most current and comprehensive repository of recovered stolen credentials and PII. More data, particularly plaintext passwords, means more matches and stronger account protection.

SpyCloud ATO Prevention Platform

Our award-winning products enable you to proactively protect your users’ accounts and thwart online fraud.

Consumer ATO Prevention

Protect your users from account takeover fraud and unauthorized purchases.

Employee ATO Prevention

Protect your organization from breaches and BEC due to password reuse.

Active Directory Guardian

Automatically detect and reset exposed Windows accounts.

Third Party Insight

Monitor third party exposures and share data to aid in remediation.

Fraud Investigations

Unmask criminal identities and attribute crimes to specific individuals.

SpyCloud API

Integrate our data with your SIEM, custom app, or security offering.

SpyCloud is unlike any other cybersecurity firm.

Who Uses SpyCloud?

Hundreds of global enterprises, including 4 of the Fortune 10, are using to SpyCloud to prevent account takeover without having to hire additional intel staff. They’re seeing ROI in a matter of days. Check out some of our success stories:

Oklahoma University

Higher Education

“In a matter of hours, 1,000 accounts were secured. Using SpyCloud and the ingenuity of our student employees, we are legitimately preventing bad guys from compromising accounts.”

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Technology“Now that we have SpyCloud, we can protect hundreds of millions of people and prevent them from choosing passwords that have already been exposed.”

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Top 10 Travel Booking Site


“Using the SpyCloud data, we discover anywhere from 3,000 to 11,000 direct matches per hour. Every one of those exposed accounts could have led to account takeover.”

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Chemical“The SpyCloud data is more specific and actionable than any other solution we’ve found, giving us employee, account-level and source detail we need to mitigate the threat and take immediate action.”

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Stop exposures from becoming account breaches.